Chapter 1: Health in the 21st Century Vocabulary

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Disease An alteration in body structure or biochemistry that is significant enough to cause the body's regulatory mechanisms to fail. Symptoms may or may not be present.
Illness A subjective state in which a person feels unwell. Disease may or may not be present.
Health More than merely the absence of disease, a state of well-being that encompasses physical, social, psychological, and other dimensions and is a resource of everyday life.
Wellness An active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence.
Life Expectancy The average number of years a person may expect to live.
Healthy People Initiative A federal initiative to facilitate broad, positive health changes in large segments of the U.S. population every 10 years.
Health Disparities Gaps in the rate and burden of disease and the access to and quality of health care among various population groups.
Healthy Campus An offshoot of the Healthy People Initiative, specifically geared toward college students.
Determinants of Health The range of personal, social, economic, and environmental factors that influence health status,
Status Syndrome The disparity in health status and rates of premature mortality between impoverished and the affluent within any given society.
Health Literacy The ability to evaluate and understand health information and to make informed choices for your health care.
Behavior Change A sustained change in a habit or pattern of behavior that affects your health.
Predisposing Factor A physical, mental, emotional, or surrounding influence that affects the likelihood that a person will decide to change a current behavior.
Enabling Factor A skill, social support, or resources that makes it possible (or easier) to succeed in changing a targeted behavior.
Reinforcing Factor An encouragement or a reward that promotes successful behavior change; negative reinforcers are barriers that oppose change.
Transtheroretical Model of Behavior Change A model of behavior change that focuses on decision-making steps and abilities. Also called the stages of change model.
*Health Belief Model* A model of behavior change emphasizing the influence of personal beliefs on the process of creating effective change.
Ecological Model Any of a variety of behavior-change models that acknowledge the creation of a supportive environment as being equally important to achieving change as an individual's acquisition of health information and development of new skills.
Shaping A behavior-change technique based on breaking broad goals into more manageable steps.
Self-Efficacy The conviction that you can successfully execute the behavior required to make the change you desire.
Locus of Control A person's belief about where the center of power lies in his or her life; it can be external or internal.
Modeling A behavior-change technique based on watching and learning from others.
Self-Talk A person's internal dialogue.
Self-Monitoring A behavior-change technique in which the individual observes and records aspects of his or her behavior-change process.
Relapse A return to the previous state or patter of behavior.
Cue Control A behavior-change technique in which the individual learns to change the stimuli that provoked the lapse.
Counter-Conditioning A behavior-change technique in which the individual learns to substitute a healthful or neutral behavior for an unwanted behavior triggered by a cue beyond his or her control.
Advocacy Working independently or with others to directly improve aspects of the social or physical environment; or to change policies or legislation.
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