Flash Cards - Niveles de organización de la Materia

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Flash Cards de los niveles de Organización de la Materia

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3TPROG-AMBI Team members: d8f4518e-79e9-47df-a446-d1ab0ddc0e93.gif (image/gif) -Pablo Salinas Soto -Ismael Josept Nuñez Baeza -Hugo iván Otero Villafuerte -Sergio Iván Rivera López -Daniel Roldán Carpanta
Molecules and atoms. 3360f2c8-cc7c-42a6-9d81-f53284964e92.png (image/png) The molecules and atoms are the main components of matter as they form compounds and are the base of everything.
Organelles. abc49436-1687-400f-82db-c4f3aca3fbcb.png (image/png) The organelles are components within a cell that have their own specific function like photosynthesys (Chloroplast).
Cells. 3c25d93c-93c5-4333-8254-7011c0fd6b6a.png (image/png) The cell is the smallest form of independent life and has its own DNA. It's composed by organelles.
Tissues. 64343576-a265-4c98-bac1-2a93cede5ed6.png (image/png) A tissue is a group of cells that have specific functions and form organs.
Organs. 3f116f50-8ec5-451a-bd92-4f6b3f44c65f.png (image/png) An organ is a group of tissues and cells that have a specific function on a system.
System. dc4acb4d-42eb-4e79-a00d-9a856391c79a.png (image/png) A system is a compound of cells, tissues and organs. There are diferent kinds of systems within an individual and each one has its own specific function.
Individual. 644b54ef-94b4-48a1-bf2f-e6a056243c5f.png (image/png) An individual is a compound of Systems, tissues, and cells that has it own DNA and are part of a population.
Population. acfbb010-fe61-414e-9459-b633583b8c0b.png (image/png) A population is a group of similar individuals within a geographic area.
Specie. dc251c62-8a4d-4f20-8ec1-f658f458d8e8.png (image/png) A specie is a group of populations of the same similar composition within a ecosystem.
Ecosystem. 8650e995-4155-4020-b9a3-d74401677f4a.jpg (image/jpg) An ecosystem is a group of organisms that live within an area and interact with their environment.
Biosphere. 29f2d8c9-1ddd-4c50-9975-b0aa3b2c0bda.png (image/png) The biosphere is a group of organisms, ecosystems, species and living matter that exist.
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