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What is TIR? TIR is where the reflection of ALL the incident light off the boundary occurs
How does TIR occur? TIR occurs because the angle of refraction reaches a 90-degree angle before the angle of incidence reaches a 90-degree angle
What is the equation for TIR? Sinc = nr/ni
What is TIR used for? Fibre optics, polarising prisms and cameras used by surgeons
What is the critical angle? It is the angle in different mediums that dictates when TIR occurs
What density conditions need to be met for TIR to occur? The light must be going from a more dense to a less dense material
What angle conditions need to be met for TIR to occur? The angle of incidence must be greater than the critical angle
What happens when TIR occurs, if you are standing on the other side of the medium? The light would be reflected away, therefore you wouldn't even see the light
What material has a refractive index of one? Air is the only material with an RI of 1
What actually makes the light reflect back perfectly? A change in speed of the material at which point the light pivots at any degree up to 90
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