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Algorithm A set of rules or procedures for performing a task.
Empathetic Listening Communicating understanding of students' feelings by putting yourself first in their place.
Needs assessment Discovering what is needed as a first step in determining a plan of action to address a problem or instructional goal.
At-risk Describes a student with a greater than usual chance of having difficulty in school due to factors such as limited English proficiency, cultural diversity, poverty, race, homelessness, or teen pregnancy.
Compensatory education Special programs for at-risk students such as remedial instruction, special activities, or early learning experience.
Learner-centered/Student-centered Teaching style focusing on the needs of the student.
Modality (Modalities) Preferred way(s) of learning such as seeing (visual), hearing (auditory), touching (tactile), or moving (kinesthetic).
Paradigm An example, pattern, or framework for thinking.
Pedagogy The art, profession, or study of teaching.
Project learning An in-depth study in an area of interest done independently or in small groups.
Self-directed learning The process of gradually shifting responsibility for learning to the students through activities that engage them in increasingly complex patterns of thought.
Teacher-centered Traditional teaching style in which teachers make all of the decisions focusing on the subject.
Learning center An area in the classroom where students can work independently at their own ability levels.
Acculturation Blending a native culture with a new culture, keeping elements of both.
Affective domain Feelings, emotions, values, and attitudes.
Assimilation Learning by adding new knowledge to existing knowledge.
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