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Has 2 planes at 90 degrees. Crystals are prismatic (blocky). It can be dark green, brown or black, and vitreous (glassy). Streak is greenish white. This is a mafic mineral. Augite - mineral(pyroxene group) 5ad42039-ba3b-4b6d-9796-9cd059a50be8.jpg (image/jpg)
Crystals are acicular (elongated) like needles. It can be dark green, brown or black, and vitreous (glassy). Streak is dark green. This is a magic mineral. Hornblende (Amphibole)- mineral, Looks similar to Augite but is needle like rather than blocky.
One cleavage plane. Usually in plastic like sheet forms but one is massive and can be slippery. Can come in the colour green or simply be dark vs light sheets. One is a mafic mineral. Mica - mineral (sheet silicates). Chlorite = green, Biotite = dark coloured, Muscovite = light coloured.
Is transparent to translucent. White to colourless but can also have shades of other colours. It is vitreous (glassy). It is lightweight and soft (scratch with a knife). It is prismatic. Calcite - mineral (non- silicate) 572a3805-0bba-4bfa-955c-0d4ec5dff7ff.jpg (image/jpg)
Is soft (can scratch with a knife). It is similar to calcite but is generally cubic. Vitreous and can clear to white with other colour contaminants. Halite - mineral d6ca4015-f9df-486f-a011-f74b9a211f5a.jpg (image/jpg)
It is hard, cannot be scratched with a knife. Can be various colours, cloudy white, pink, etc. Has no cleavage. Quartz - mineral c92786d0-ab35-42bc-9f0d-09434066ab68.jpg (image/jpg)
Hard, heavy. Is transparent to opaque. Most commonly red, reddish brown. Is vitreous and prismatic. Streak is white (colourless). Garnet - mineral 86807e07-ec24-4a72-9149-34a3ee774b93.jpg (image/jpg)
Is VERY soft (scratch with finger). Appears similar to halite but is cloudy. Usually whit, vitreous to pearl. Can have shades of yellow, red or brown. Feels warm compared to quartz. Gypsum - mineral 6c1b337e-bc91-4213-93dc-fb53c4567ded.jpg (image/jpg)
GREEN. Heavy. Is hard and vitreous. This is a mafic mineral. Olivine - mineral 6ef9c37c-ba97-44f9-9e2d-1e167b2f4582.jpg (image/jpg)
Is hard, can have a prismatic shape. Can come in pink, orange and red. Orthoclase - mineral a210c1b9-809d-4e55-b030-ee44c21eb9b7.jpg (image/jpg)
Is light in colour, hard and usually translucent to opaque. It is usually grey, white or colourless. This is a mafic mineral. Plagioclase - mineral 4c84847c-f769-4aa7-bf06-d3ab7c28c7ee.jpg (image/jpg)
GOLD! with a metallic lustre. Hard and has a brassy yellow colour. Forms nice prismatic shapes e.g. cubes, pentagonal faces, etc. Pyrite - mineral af231d6e-9d14-4c05-a1e2-10d8dc265b91.jpg (image/jpg)
Gold. Soft, very goldish-yellow. May have purple areas and has a prismatic crystal habit Chalcopyrite - mineral 82f22efb-8a31-4a3c-8cbf-15a0f36a0506.jpg (image/jpg)
Is soft, heavy and grey to silver grey in colour. It is metallic and prismatic forming shapes such as cubes. Galena - mineral ed914a2c-81ac-4af2-af96-370f1bbbac26.jpg (image/jpg)
Is soft, light and opaque. Is metallic to earthy and silver-black in colour. Has lumps and scales. Graphite - mineral b9348201-fae2-4907-814e-82325c94f524.jpg (image/jpg)
Can be found in various colours such as red, orange and brown. It can also be steel like coming in silver-grey to black. The streak is red to brownish red. It is metallic or can be earthy. Hematite - mineral 28e69bcc-d780-4fda-ae56-7c900c3d8ccf.jpg (image/jpg)
Heavy. Can be black, brown, yellow, reddish, green, white or colourless. Streak is always lighter coloured than specimen so yellow to light brown. It can be sub-metalic and shiny. Sphalerite - mineral a364621e-5416-45aa-8fd9-5de79767fa61.jpg (image/jpg)
YELLOW. Soft, light weight. Sulphur - mineral a0722f61-ac58-4564-b8aa-765ff2a8159d.jpg (image/jpg)
Porphyritic (coarse phenocrysts in a fine-grained matrix). Volcanic equivalent of diorite. Is usually grey with pyroxene and plagioclase phenocrysts. Andesite - volcanic igneous rock bafdc0ea-fa91-48f4-b6d0-f5e19add5f8e.jpg (image/jpg)
This is a mafic rock. It is usually aphanitic (all fine grained) but can also be porphyritic (fine with coarse phenocrysts). It is dark grey to black in colour and may have a few vesicles. There may also be specks of olivine, pyroxene or plagioclase. Basalt - volcanic igneous rock 5d75aa8f-e8d4-431a-b05a-ba24e8a4a7ad.jpg (image/jpg)
Porphrytic with needle shaped feldspar or hornblende phenocrysts. The rock is grey-whitish. Main mineral component is plagioclase. Dacite - volcanic igneous rock 64e0338a-41f3-4d42-a221-6fddc2829888.jpg (image/jpg)
Phaneritic (all coarse grained), is distinctively black and white like salt and pepper. It is made up of mainly plagioclase and either amphibole or pyroxene. Diorite - plutonic igneous rock 47f10401-4c92-4bbd-8c98-740b3b413ec8.jpg (image/jpg)
Phaneritic, dark mafic rock. It is the plutonic equivalent to basalt, it is dark grey to black. Main components are plagioclase and pyroxene with less olivine. Gabbro - plutonic igneous rock c3dc4223-d05f-4cdd-8d6e-eaa59b42daac.jpg (image/jpg)
Phaneritic felsic rock. It is usually light coloured containing pink or white feldspar. It also has scattered dark phenocryts Granite - plutonic igneous rock 1b8f9d3a-20a5-4447-917d-583a5aaa4edb.jpg (image/jpg)
Phaneritic olivine rich rock. Often contains chromite or magnetite which come across as little black specks. Dunite (peridotite) - plutonic igneous rock 8e563e91-972d-4fc9-8369-c00e80cc8096.jpg (image/jpg)
Usually aphanitic, light coloured and glassy. Has several varieties such as pumice (very light and sponge like) and obsidian (layers of black phenocryts). Rhyolite - volcanic igneous rock 6611051c-412e-485b-8e66-4a459b162940.jpg (image/jpg)
Hard, dark coloured rock. Looks like a hard mudstone with no clasts and has a matte sheen.
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