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vocab list 1- checkouts & the dangerous game

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affable (adj) friendly, pleasant
amenity (n) something that makes life more comfortable or convenient
apprehensive (adj) anxious, uneasy, or nervous
articulate (v) to speak clearly for understanding
brazen (adj) to act in a bold, unashamed, confident manner
condone (v) to excuse, accept, or overlook
debacle (n) a sudden disaster, failure, or fiasco
dishevelment (n) a state of messiness; untidy
droll (adj) comical in a strange or dry way
ennui (n) boredom
imprudent (adj) unwise
indolent (adj) lazy
intuition (n) knowledge of something without specific reason or evidence
lacerated (v/adj) tear or deep cut
menace (adj) a harmful person or thing
palpable (adj) able to be touched or felt
perverse (adj) stubbornly contrary, deviating from what is right
precarious (adj) not secure, uncertain
reverie (n) daydream
scruple (n) a feeling of doubt about doing something that seems morally wrong
solicitous (adj) showing concern
tedious (adj) tiresome, long, dull or boring
uncanny (adj) weird, mysterious
zealous (adj) enthusiastic, energetic, or dedicated
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