2.Peripheral vision is used more than central vision to get the hits of what you see

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The Central Vision It is used to look at things directly and to see details.
The Peripheral Vision Encompasses the rest of the visual field- areas that are visible, but that you're not looking directly.
Why is blinking on a screen so annoying? Advertisers use blinking and flashing in ads that are in the periphery of web pages, because we can't help but notice it and it gets our attention.
What happens if the central part of a photo is missing versus the peripheral part? A 2009 study showed that even if the central part of a picture was missing people could still identify what they were looking at , but when the peripheral part was missing they couldn't identify what it was.
How important is the peripheral vision on a evolutionary standpoint? Recent research confirms that early humans who were sharpening their flint, or looking up at the clouds, and yet still noticed that a lion was coming at them survived to pass on their genes. Those with poor peripheral vision didn't.
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