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What does a computer only understand? Binary
How is binary represented? It is represented as 1 and 0. Each 1 or 0 is called a bit.
What is a bit A bit is a bit of data that is stored in computer systems and everything in a computer is binary. Each 1 or 0 (on or off) goes into a bit system.
Why is a 8 bit system better than a 4 bit system? Why is it worse in ways? It is better as you can make more combinations with the more bits you have. With a 4 bit system, the decimals can only be 15 but in a 8 bit it can go up to 255. It is worse in ways as it takes up more space.
What is a nibble A nibble is 4 bits
What is a byte? A byte is 8 bits and 4 nibbles
What is a kilobyte? 1024 bytes
What is a mega byte? A mega byte is 1024 kilobytes
What is a gigabyte? A gigabytes is 1024 megabytes.
What is a terabyte? A terabyte is 1024 gigabytes.
Why do we use binary as character keys(e.g. e is 0100) As the computers can only understand binary so every character has to be a specific binary.
what is ASCII? American Standard Code for Information Interchange, a set of digital codes representing letters, numerals, and other symbols, widely used as a standard format in the transfer of text between computers
How do we convert decimal to binary? We put it into a table of 1 ion the right and as we go left it keeps doubling. We put it into a table. For example, 5 is 101.
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