Spanish Conjugation

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hablé I spoke
hablamos we speak we spoke
hablaste you spoke
habló he spoke
hablaron they spoke
comí I ate
comimos we ate
viví I lived
vivimos we live we lived
comiste you ate
vivíste you lived
comió he ate
vivió she lived
hablaba I used to speak he used to speak
hablábamos we used to speak
comía I used to eat she used to eat
comíamos we used to eat
vivía I used to live she used to live
vivíamos we used to live
hablabas you used to speak
comías you used to eat
vivías you used to live
hablaban they used to speak
comían they used to eat
vivían they used to live
iba I used to go
íbamos we used to go
ibas you used to go
iba she used to go
iban they used to go
era I used to be she used to be
éramos we used to be
eras you used to be
eran they used to be
veía I used to see
veíamos we used to see
veías you used to see
veía he used to see
veían they used to see
di I gave
diste you gave
dio she gave
dimos we gave
dieron they gave
fui I was I went
fuiste you were you went
fue he was she went
fuimos we were we went
fueron they were they went
hablo I speak
como I eat
vivo I live
hablas you speak
comes you eat
vives you live
habla he speaks
come she eats
hablan they speak
comen they eat
vive he lives
viven they live
comemos we eat
doy I give
das you give
da she gives
damos we give
dan they give
daba I used to give
dabas you used to give
daba he used to give
daba he used to give
dábamos we used to give
daban they used to give
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