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The hammer shown is a soft faced hammer made from copper, rawhide, lead
The screwdriver recess in Figure 71 is a : clutch head
A standard screwdriver blade maintains a better grip in the slot if the blade is ground slightly: a concave blade holds better grip
When tightening a bolt with a wrench: always pull on the wrench, it's safer than pushing
The type of tool least likely to slip when holding small parts is the: vice grip
A type of wrench that can be used to turn a polished cylindrical shaft is a: a strap wrench
The included angle that should be ground on the point of a centre punch is: 90 degrees
A drift punch is useful to: to align holes in different work pieces
The removable serrated jaws on a bench vise are made from: hardened steel
Which type of torque wrench is best for achieving a preset amount of torque? a click type torque wrench
Pullers are used to: easily remove bearings, hubs and sprockets
Before working around a load that has been raised with a hydraulic jack: blocks must be placed under the load to ensure it doesn't drop
Alkaline cleaning must be only be used on which of the following metals: ferrous metals
Barrel finishing: many pieces can be done at once inexpensive
How do you designate the size of a bench vise? the width of the jaws
Why is it important to NOT hammer on the vise surface of the slide bar? it can crack or distort the vise
What is the purpose of using soft jaws on a vise? to protect the surface of that part you are holding
If you have to use a vise for heating and heavy bending operations, what is often a common practise? using a vise that is only used for that purpose
What are the four principal parts of a ball peen hammer? Face Peen Eye Post
For what application is the peen of the ball peen hammer used? the peen is used for riveting
What is another name for a sledgehammer? A MAUL
Why is a sledgehammer used? When a larger force than a regular hammer is capable of is required
Where would you use a soft face hammer? When you don't want to damage the surface of the workpiece
What is different about a dead-blow hammer? The head of the hammer is filled with steel of lead shot
How do you secure a wooden handle to the hammer head? with a metal wedge
Of what material are punches normally made from? Hardened steel Tempered Steel
What punch is recommended if you do not want to damage the finished surface? A soft steel puch or A brass punch
Which punch material is good to use in a non-sparking environment? Brass
What is the purpose of using a centre punch ground at an included point angle of 90 degrees? To make an indentation to properly locate and start the drill
What is the purpose of using a prick punch ground at an included point angle of 30 to 60 degrees? To make small permanent layout marks on a workpiece
Which punch is used without the use of a hammer? Automatic Centre Punch
How can you change the indentation size when using the automatic centre punch? by turning the cap on the handle end of the punch
Why should you ensure the mushroomed punch heads do not appear on your punches? Because there is a possibility of pices breaking off and causing injury
What is the purpose of a pin punch? they are used to drive or remove: dowel pins, tapered pins, cotter pins, keys
What is the purpose of a drift punch? to align holes in two or more work pieces that must be joined together
What is the purpose of a transfer (spotting) punch? transferring the hole positions from one plate to another
Why is a shallow groove cut into the side of a metal stamp? so you can feel it with your thumb for proper letter orientation
Why should you grind a standard blade screwdriver with a concave? so it won't tend to slip out of the slot when turned
Describe a box and wrench it fully encircles the nut of bolt head
Why is a wrench angled at 15 degrees from the working surface? so your hand clears the work
Which wrench has a different size open at each end of the wrench (box end or open end)? Open End Wrench has a different size on each end
How is the size of an open end wrench determined? The distance across the flutes
Why are the open end wrench flats at 15 degrees to the wrench handle? so the wrench can be flipped over allowing a new bite to be taken on the bolt
What does a 3/8 drive socket mean? it is a socket driven with a 3/8" square hole
Describe the proper way to use an adjustable wrench? the force must act against the solid jaw, not the movable one.
How are hex socket wrenches sized? the distance across the flats on the wrench
What is the purpose of using a torque wrench? to prevent under or over torquing
Where should the working range of a torque wrench be in relation to the scale of the wrench? it should be in the middle half of the torque scale
How does a torque wrench multiplier increase torque gear ration reduction
What enables a pipe wrench to grasp round parts? adjustable serrated jaws
When is a strap wrench used? when the surface of the work piece must not be damaged
Why is an adjustable hood spanner more flexible in its use? it can be adjusted to fit different nut sizes
How is a slug wrench designed to be hammered on? it has a square area for the hammer to land its blows on
What is a use for the pry bar pointed end? it is used for many alignment applications
What determines the size of a C-clamp? The maximum distance between the fully open jaws
When using a puller or press and removing a bearing from a shaft, what should you do? inspect and clean the shaft
How may finished work be held in a vise without the surface being marred or damaged? -use soft jaw caps made of brass, aluminum, or copper
Describe the most common hammer used by a machinist. Ball-peen hammer
For what purpose are soft-face hammers used? --used in assembling or dismantling parts so the finished surface of the work will not be marred; made of plastic, copper, lead
State three safety rules that should be observed when using a hammer? 1. Handle is solid and not cracked 2. Head is tight on handle, with proper wedge 3. No grease 4. Never strike tow handle faces together, because of chips
Why is a properly sized box wrench preferred to other types of wrenches? -because it cannot slip when the proper size is used
What advantages does a socket wrench have over a box wrench? -when nuts or bolts must be tightened to within certain limits to prevent warping, socket wrenches can be used in conjunction with torque-wrench handle
What is the cross-sectional shape of an Allen wrench and for what purposes is an Allen wrench used? -hexagonal shape -fit into recesses of socket head setscrews -very small heads, hard to reach places
Where is a hook pin spanner used? -used on the circumference of a round nut -pin of the spanner fits into a hole int he periphery of the nut
State four useful hints for using any wrench. 1. Always use wrench that fits the nut or bolt properly to stop slippage 2. When possible, always pull instead of push 3. Be sure the nut is fully in wrench jaw 4. Put drop of oil on the threads when assembling a bolt to ensure easier removal later 5.Use jerks instead of constant pulls
Vise grip pliers: extremely high gripping power because of adjustable lever action
Diagonal cutter: solely for cutting wire and small pieces of soft metal
Needle-nose pliers: holding very small parts, and bending and forming wire
Side cutting pliers: -small diameter (1/8 inch or less) rods or wires
-Slip joint pliers: used when small holes must be drilled or for twisting small light materials
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