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Bilingual Education Bilingual education: Involves teaching academic content in two languages, in a native and secondary language with varying amounts of each language used in accordance with the program model.
Charter schools Public schools that are operated like private schools by public school teachers.
Church A life-encompassing religious organizations that most members of a society accept as legitimate.
Cognitive ability Ability of thinking abstractly.
Compensatory education Specific curricular programs designed to overcome a deficiency.
Cooperative learning Method that the students work in groups like a cooperation.
Cult A religious organization whose characteristics are not drawn from existing religious traditions within a society.
Cultural Bias The unfair measurement of the cognitive abilities of people in some social categories.
Denomination A subgroup within a religion that operates under a common name and other things.
Education The process of facilitating the learn Knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits to coexist with other people.
Educational equality Way in which education will be the same for a person of lesser economy to a higher.
For-profit schools Schools run by private companies on government funds.
Fundamentalism The resistance of secularization and the rigid adherence to traditional religious beliefs, rituals, and doctrines.
Hidden curriculum The nonacademic agenda that teaches discipline, order, cooperativeness and conformity.
Integrative curriculum An approach to education based on student-teacher collaboration.
Latent function An action that produces an unintended and unrecognized results.
Magnet schools Public schools that focus on particular disciplines or areas.
Manifest function An action that produces an intended and recognized result.
Meritocracy A society in which social status is based on ability and achievement.
Monotheism: The belief in only one God.
Multicultural Education An educational curriculum that emphasizes among gender, ethnic, and racial categories.
Open classroom A no bureaucratic approach to education based on democracy, flexibility, and no competitiveness.
Polytheism Refers to the belief in a number of gods.
Profane No Sacred
Protestant ethic A set values, norms, beliefs, and attitudes stressing hard work, thrift, and self-discipline.
Religion A unified system of beliefs and practices concerned with sacred things.
Religiosity Ways in which people express their religious.
Sacred Holy; set apart and given a special meaning that goes beyond
School desegregation The achievement of a racial balance in the classroom.
Schooling Is formal education, which involves instruction by specially trained teachers who follow officially recognized policies.
Sect A religious organization that arises out of desire to reform an existing religious organization.
Secularization Process through which the sacred loses influence over society.
Self-fulfilling Prophecy A prediction that results in behavior that makes the prediction come true.
Tracking Placement of students in programs according to academic ability levels.
Voucher System System in which public school funds may be used to support public, private, or religious schools.
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