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What is Economic Globalization? process of expanding world trading networks
Most bananas sold in CA are grown on huge _1_ owned and controlled by __2__. 1)plantations 2)transnational corporations
On plantations they make _1_ quantities and are _2_ because of heavy use of __3__. 1)large 2)high 3)chemical fertilizer
Supply is often _1_ than demand. Which _2_ price 1)greater 2)reduces
What are 3 things that transnational corporations control/own to give themselves a deal and keep profits in the company 1)ships 2)containers 3)warehouses
What are 2 things about labour in Central & South America ? -no unions -wages low
Ecuadorian banana workers are the ___ paid in Latin America. $6.40/day $165.12/month $1981.84/year lowest
Ecuadorian lawsare suppose to _1_ workers. However the laws are _2_ 1)protect 2)ignored
To survive many families put... ...their children to work on banana platforms.
Political Globalization? Process by which political decisions and actions are becoming increasingly international.
What are 3 companies that control banana industry in Latin America? -Chiquita (USA owned) -Dole -Del Monte
Bananas grown in _1_ and _2_ on _3_ farms have to sell them at a _4_ price. 1)Jamaica 2)St.Lucia 3)smaller 4)higher
Europeans tried to help smaller farms by placing ___ on transnational banana companies. tarrifs (tax)
WTO? World Trade Organization. *makes decisions on trade rules.
1)Chiquita complained to WTO about __ trade rules. 2)WTO ruled that European must __ their rules 3)USA put tarrifs on __ goods going into the USA. 1)European 2)Change 3)European
Agribusiness? Largest scale agriculture
Banana plantations have cut down large sections of the rain forest. Costa Rica cut down _1_ of rainforest. Loss of _2_ of tree species. 1)60% 2)18%
Workers on banana plantations use dangerous _1_ and are not properly _2_ to handle it. 1)pesticides 2)trained
There is no toilet facilities (relieve themselves on the plants). Unsafe working conditions. Low wages. Do what for the price of bananas? Bananas price low.
Social Globalization? process by which peoples lifestyles spread over global networks
Indigenous people are displaced. Pesticides enter water systems killing aquatic life. Fishermen get less profit. Destroys their ability to feed themselves and make a living.
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