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sss 13 colonies

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The country that established the 13 colonies in America? England
What were that challenges that setters at Jamestown faced? Bad soil Lands Money Food
Why did the England send explores to claim land in the new world? Expanded the Empire
What is the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut? First constitution of America
What is the Mayflower Compact? First governing document of Plymouth Colony
What is the importance of Virginia House of Burgesses? They made their own self government rather than fallow the rules of the king that was on the other side of the ocean.
Why was plantation farming found in the Southern Colonies? Hot weather and firdle soil
Which area is the best known for Shipping trade? Middle Colonies
Why was the Mayflower Compact important? Self Goverment.
Colonies founded bc of the religion? Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts Connecticut, Rhode Island.
What colony was founded in 1607? Virginia, Jamestown.
Why did England set up the Georgia colony? For the poor people.
Pilgrim? Is a travel. Someone who coming from afar.
Puritan? A group that want to purify the Church of England.
Quaker? Name give to religious group.
What type of ppl live in Massachussetts? Puritans,England.
What type of ppl live in Maryland? Catholics.
What type of ppls live in Virginia? England who brought along African slaves.
What is a Plantation System? Slaves that work in land.
Colonie known as BREADBASKET? Middle Colonies
What type of farming took place in New England? Subsistence faming.
Why New England known was the industrial colonies? Who had lumber to build.
What is mercantilism? Economic system to get more wealth of a a Nation, Ig like the Mother colony get money from the ppls
What is the triangular trade route? Bring things to Charleston to Europa/England to Africa.
What is the columbian exchange? Period exchange things between the New and Old World like exchange plants, animals and lands.
Who lived in the middle colony? Europen, English, French , Dutch, German.
Who lived in the New England Colonies? English, French, German, Natives American.
What type of economy have the Southern Colonies have? Agriculture and cash crops.
Why that the Franch want to colonize the new world? Trade Territory
Why did the Spanish colonize the New Wold? Defensive Position Slave immigration
1620 When was made the Mayflower document
Magna Cart and Self goverment Limited power to the king
what is the worst part of the triangular trade routed for a salve called? Middle Passage
What is the Enlightenment? A port of a movement, participants as the Age/Old ppls
The Great awakening describes? Religious ppls protestant in the American Colonies/ New England too
The Virginia House of Burgesses? 1619
What is the geography of the New England Colonies? Rocky, Hilly Soil coastiline
Climate of the New England Colonies? Long cold winter and SHORT growing season. #not so much food or whatever
Geography of the Southern Colonies? Flat coastal, wide rivers, and fertile soil.
Climate in the Southern Colony? Long warm summers and growing seasons. #growing food or whatever
Where the Southern colony go to have more slaves? Trans-Atlantic slave trade of slaves.
Why Jamestown was founded? Before was for gold but is really for Tabacco.
Who founded Plymouth? Pilgrims
Why was Plymouth founded? Free realigion
Puritans pilgrims
Why Puritans leave England and coming to the new world? Practice their own religion without persecution of the king.
Cities carrying things in the harbor of the 13 colonies? Boston , New York ^_^ and Philadelphia.
Quaker Massachusetts
Puritans Maryland
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