Sub-Saharan Africa

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Sub-Saharan Africa The area of Africa under the Sahara
Sahel Transition between the Sahara and the Savannah
Desertification Desert expansion
Deforestation Forests reducing
Drought Severe lack of water
Physical scarcity There is no water
Economic Scarcity There's water but you can't pay for it/pay to clean it
Potable Safe to drink
Point sources A single, identifiable sources of pollution
Non-point sources pollution with a not easily identified source
Jerry can a container for storing liquid
Colonialism Taking full control over another country
Subsistence agriculture growing food for yourself
Displacement moving of people because something else was placed where they lived (ex: dams)
Privatization Companies privately owning and selling a resource
World Bank and International Monetary Fund Worked to create a capitalist world, harming poor countries with privatization and loans
Structural Adjustment Policies Economic policies that countries must follow to qualify for World Bank and IMF loans, hurting poor countries
Poverty lack of money
Literacy rate amount of people you can read/write
Cholera a water-borne bacterial disease that causes diarrhea and dehydration
Dengue fever A mosquito-borne disease occurring in tropical and subtropical areas.
Tri-state Water Dispute a dispute over water between Georgia, Alabama, and Florida
Zai holes Holes to dig and plant in
Article 31 the right to clean and accessible water
Weir river barrier
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