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What is vancomycin active against? ONLY GRAM POSITIVE BACTERIA (aerobic and anaerobic)
Vancomycin is NOT clinically effective against which gram positive aerobic bacilli? Listeria monocytogenes
Vancomycin is used against prophylaxis: prosthetic implant surgery, MSSA/MRSA infections, subacute bacterial endocarditis for oral and upper respiratory procedures and for GI and gentiourinary procedures pseudomembraneous colitis staphylococcal enterocolitis
Is Vancomycin concentration dependent or time dependent with regards to bactericidal action? CONCENTRATION DEPENDENT
Vancomycin's pharmacodynamic action depends on ___________ AUC/MIC Extra question: what is AUC/MIC?
Does Vancomycin interact with PBPs? Nah
What does vancomycin do to the peptidoglycan chain? Well, vancomycin prevents interaction with transglycosylase blocking growth of the peptidoglycan chain It inhibits where the transpeptidase acts
Can vancomycin penetrate into the cytoplasm? What effect does this have on gram negative bacteria? It can't penetrate into the cytoplasm, no gram negative effect!
Is it better to administer vancomycin orally or through I.V.? T 1/2? Poor absorption orally and is typically administered via I.V. for SERIOUS infections T 1/2 = 6 hrs
Where is vancomycin excreted? in urine!!!!!! PEEEEEEEEEEEE
T/F: Vancomycin can penetrate most tissues TRUEEEEEEEEE
T/F: Vancomycin can readily pass into CSF Bonus Question: what is CSF? True; CSF = cerebrospinal fluid
What is Red Man Syndrome? rash and itching on face, neck, extremities, severe HYPOtension and cardiac arrest happens bc of FAST I.V. infusion which leads to a SIGNIFICANT decrease in blood pressure important!!! not an allergic reaction
What happens if vancomycin is administered with aminoglycosides? you have an increased risk for renal toxicity
What are some side effects of taking Vancomycin? fever, chills, phlebitis nephrotoxicity (poisonous effect on kidneys) hypotension reversible neutropenia (low count of neutrophils) tissue irritation
Vancomycin + Nephrotoxic drugs = ????? RENAL TOXICITY :DDDDD
Anesthetics + Vancomycin = ?????? erythema, flushing erythema: basically your skin turns red (happens bc of irritation which causes dilatation of blood capillaries)
Non-depolarizing muscle relaxants + Vancomycin = ??????? NEUROMUSCULAR BLOCKADE
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