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What is statistics? Collecting, analysing, interpreting and presenting data
What is a variable? Characteristic being recorded
Define data Unordered list
Define information When data becomes ordered
Nominal Can't be ordered at all, eg; hair color
Ordinal Can be arranged in some way, eg; exam grade
Discrete Can only have certain values, eg; age
Continuous No exact value and can be ordered, eg; weight
How can information be displayed? Bar chart, pie chart, stem and leaf, histogram and scatter plot
Another word for average Central tendency
Another word for spread Measuring variability
What is a census? A survey of the whole population
What is the population? Entire group being studied
What is the sample? Group selected from the population
What is a parameter? Numerical measurement describing some characteristic of a population
What is a statistic? Numerical measurement describing some characteristic of a sample
What's a simple random sample? Every person has an equal chance of being selected
What is a stratified random sample? Population split into subgroups then simple random sampled
What's a systematic random sample? Random number picked, eg; 17, so every 17th person is picked
What is cluster sampling? Population randomly divided into groups and some tested
What is quota sampling? No probability, companies use this, population not random
What is convenience sampling? Where the subjects are chosen in the most convenient way possible
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