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Names and uses of different dental instruments

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99109a6f-5588-40d8-8878-09a8e07f6cb5.jpg (image/jpg) Amalgam Carrier you would pack prepared amalgam into this and then pass this to the dentist.
6ac42bea-952b-42ab-bf1e-7b472f1292bc.jpg (image/jpg) Dappens Pot You would place different materials into this. There can be either glass or plastic
ec255b59-828c-4013-891a-0499102292de.jpg (image/jpg) Amalgam Condenser dental instrument used for compacting silver amalgam while in a plastic state, used for restoring teeth to a natural contour.
28724e0d-5fd5-4af6-9c5b-d8f6da8b26cf.jpg (image/jpg) Dental Mirror to be able to view the soft and hard tissues
0846259b-7082-4d1a-b0f4-fae6ce4e5d34.png (image/png) Right Angled Probe Looking for decay, carious lesions and to detect soft carious lesions. it can also be used to see if the anesthetic is working
fa4c9fbc-d18a-48b1-8147-ae0780b57fcc.jpg (image/jpg) BPE Probe Used to check for Periodontal Disease., it also checks gingival depth Checks for callous under the gingiva
771c2bd7-4ef3-4d20-8862-ce7a7220a898.jpg (image/jpg) College Tweezers to pick up items such as gauze
9585a6a9-68d7-4c32-8a79-47118031db67.jpg (image/jpg) Double-ended Spoon Excavator Spoons out carries and removes carious dentine
71103a89-e1f0-4da6-9317-b2c1318be3e3.png (image/png) Double Ended Flat Plastic Smooth and contours edges shapes and contours restorations
4272fb8b-2f9b-4b54-94fe-e16767e5f4fb.jpg (image/jpg) Double-Ended Wards Carver Carves the filling into shape. Carves and shapes restorations
fed13cb5-7466-465c-9074-e88687dec8b7.jpg (image/jpg) Ball-Ended Burnisher Smooth's down all the rough edges after a restoration
e1071bb1-a40b-48d2-a044-cd2a658075d0.jpg (image/jpg) Fast Handpiece Used to cut through the enamel. Water is used so you'd need to aspirating
ad668a92-cbe5-49ef-b170-a78aa32051d1.jpg (image/jpg) Slow Hand Piece Used to remove carious dentine
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