Medicine through time - Disease and infection

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What is Metu? What is Wehedu? The idea that the body has channels Wehedu is blockage of channels
What is trephenation and who was it used by? Trephenation was used to cure headaches or epilepsy which was thought to be caused by evil spirits. It was used by prehistoric people
Who was Galen and what did he do? Galen was a Roman doctor used the four humours and the opposites Thought the heart was porous
Who was hippocrates and what did he develop? A Greek doctor who developed the four humours. Humours had to be in balance to stay healthy. Use the idea of clinical observation of while treating a patient and watching to see if they're symptoms changed
Medieval Christianity attitudes to disease and infection list 5 -Followed Galen's ideas -Church did not support change (medical) -Church treated people with mental illness horrible ( they were thought to be possessed) -Church set up many hospitals - Brought the idea to help the poor
Medieval Islamic attitudes to medicine list 5 Avicenna- Wrote an encyclopaedia of medicine , discovered 760 new drugs Rhazes- discovered the difference between measles and small pox -Hospitals provided medical care for everyone -Hospitals were built for mental ill people ( they were treated with compassion) -Some hospitals had libraries and medical schools so knowledge could be shared
New Ideas in the Renaissance Paracelsus- thought Galens ideas were wrong / burnt all Galens books - Natural remedies were used
Who was Edward Jenner and what did he do? Edward Jenner 1. Saw that only milkmaids got cowpox not small pox 2. Tested his theory on a small boy by infecting him cowpox. It worked so Jenner wrote a book about his experiment People thought using Jenners method would turn them into cows but the death rate plummeted
Who and how developed the germ theory? Wine growers complained that their wine only stayed fresh for a certain amount of time. Pasteur used this method : 1. heated wine 2. sealed wine and left the other open 3. left wine for week 4, One that was left open went bad the one that was covered was still fresh Pasteur proved that germs cause diseases
How did Koch identify specific germs? Koch was inspired by pasteur but had more medical knowledge than him. Using industrial dyes to stain individual germs so they could be seen. Developing a way of photographing germs so that information could be shared.
How did Pasteur find a vaccine for diseases? Chicken cholera Anthrax Rabies Pasteurs assistant left a dish of cholera on the windowsill. The sun weakened the germ and it could be made into a vaccine. Pasteur discovered this technique worked and used it to find a cure for anthrax. ( Which he tested on animals) A boy had been bit by a dog and contracted rabies , Pasteur used his theory on a human and it worked.
Who was Gerhard Domagk? Domagk tested hundreds of chemicals on animals looking for the magic bullet. He tested a drug called Prontosil but the animals died. Domagk found that testing prontosil with other chemicals could stop infections in mice caused by bacteria. His daughter pricked her finger and became infected with streptococcal bacteria, he gave her proontosil and she recovered.
Who was Paul Erilich and what did he develop? Ehrilich developed the second magic bullet. He tested hundreds of drugs and found that the 606th drug killed the diphtheria germ. He called it SALVERSAN 606
How did fleming discover penicillin? Fleming by chance discovered a petri dish (left in his messy lab) that killed streptococcal bacteria. The mould was penicillin. Fleming couldn't do any more research as he did not have the money or help.
How did Florey and Chain develop Penicillin? Florey and Chain didn't discover penicillin they developed it. Chain grew the mould and used the juice on a policeman suffering from blood poisoning , the policeman began recovering but died because the penicillin had ran out. The US Government helped mass produce the production of penicillin.
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