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He is playing explanation: football we exercise is good for our health and can also be someone in life and that gives us a job
He is listening explanation: heard we can learn many good things and God gave us the ability to listen
he is crying explanation: when we cry are expressing the feeling of sadness and simultaneously an action, we demonstrate sadness when a loved one dies when finish friendship for many things
he is walking explanation: when we walk three things we are doing an action first and second year and also meet unknown places
he is smelling explanation: when we smell we are doing an action and thanks to God gave us smell to breathe and smell wonderful things and also some other ugly
They're running explanation: when we run sometimes we do for fun sometimes to get somewhere fast while we exercise and do an action
He is looking explanation: when we are doing an action thanks to God who gave us the chance to look
she is sleeping explanation: to sleep we are doing an action and resting the body
she is writing explanation: when we write we are making an action and we are learning new and wonderful things
he is reading explanation: when we read we are making an action and we are learning new and wonderful things
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