Blast Furnace

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Finish the equation : iron oxide + carbon monoxide --> carbon dioxide + iron
What is reduction? Loss of oxygen
What is oxidation ? Gain of oxygen
Balance the follwing equation: Fe2 O3 + CO --> Fe + CO2 Fe2 O3 + 3CO --> 2Fe + 3CO2 -->
What is added to the top of the blast furnace? Coke, limestone, iron oxide
What is limestone used for? To remove impurities
Why do we need to add coke? It provides fuel and a source of carbon.
What is the waste product of the blast furnace called? slag
Why does carbon displace iron from iron oxide? Carbon is more reactive than iron
What is the main use of iron ? It is used to make steel.
What is an alloy? An alloy is a mixture of metals or a mixture of metals and another element such as carbon.
Where does the iron come out of the blast furnace? At the very bottom.
What is blown into the blast furnace at the sides? Hot air
What comes out of the blast furnace at near the top? Waste gases
What displaces iron from iron oxide? Carbon
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