Parasitology Ecology and Control

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Hybobiosis Stage of suspended development of certain larval nematodes in the host tissues, which prolongs prepatent period
Intesnity Mean number of parasites of a particular species per infected host
Larva migrans The migration of the larval stages of helminths in tissues of the abnormal host within which they cannot develop to maturity
Microfilaria Motile, pre-first stage juvenille of some filarioid nematodes
Miracidium First larval stage of trematodes; develops in egg and metamorphosed into mother sporocyst within a mollusc
Metacestode That stage in the tapeworm life cycle which is passed within an I.H or occasionally P.H and which is infective to D.H
Plerocercoid Solid larva normally with scolex invaginated. Found in pseudophyllideans eg: sparganum of Spirometra
Cysticercoid Solid larva, consisting of an anterior region containing a withdrawn scolex and sometimes a tail-like posterior region. Usually occurs in invertebrates eg: Hymenolepis nana
Cysticerus General term for the "bladder worm" type of larva Restricted to Taeniidae Hollow translucent bladder into which projects a small pocket, which in turn contains an invaginated scolex
Hydatid Hollow larva consisting of a cyst with a very long thin germinal membrane which gives rise by asexual budding to internal brood capsules. From these arise invaginated protoscoleces Eg: Echinococcus granulosus
Oocyst The cystic stage of sporozoans. Often a free-living, dispersion stage
Parthenogenetic Eggs (ova) develop without fertilization
Prepatent period Time between entrance of infective stage into D.H and first appearance of eggs or juveniles
Prevalence Percentage of hosts infected with a particular parasite species at a particular time
Somatic migration Migration into tissues - usually from gut
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