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What year does this story take place? 2449 2nd year after Yetzias Mitzraim
What story does the Torah tell us right before the story of the meraglim? The story of Miriam and how she was punished when she said loshon hara about Moshe.
What date were the meraglim sent out? And from what place? 29 Sivan from Midbar Paran
When did they return? 40 days later, 9 Av
Why did Bn"y ask Moshe to send out spies? (4) 1. Find out where the cnaanim hide their valuables 2. Find unused idols to keep 3. Figure out a war strategy 4. Lear the language
What was the real reason? (3) 1. Lack of emunah 2. Didn't believe the land was worth fighting for 3. Afraid the nations were to strong
Why did Hashem let them send spies? (mashal) A father arranged for his son to marry a wonderful woman. The boy thought the father was hiding something and demanded to see her, against his fathers will. He saw her but his father said that he won't marry her. The boy's son will.
What shevet wasn't involved? Why not? Shevet Levi because they had emuna and they didn't have to fight.
פסוק ב Rashi: Why is the story of the meraglim after the story of miriam? Because Miriam was stricken for saying loshon hara about her brother and these reshaim, they watched and didn't take a lesson.
According to the S"C, why is Rashi even asking this question? In the previous perek, it says they came to midbar paran and in the next passuk it says they left. From midbar paran. Rashi's question is, why the repetition?
How does Rashi explain שלח לך? Hashem isn't commanding. The word לך shows this. It's entirely optional.
Why did Hashem agree? They lacked emunah and Hashem was giving them room to err
According to the Sifsei Chachomim , what is bothering Rashi concerning the commandment of שלח לך? How could Hashem command Moshe to send out the meraglim when it would bring so much misery to Bn"y, die out in the desert, forty years etc.
Why was it beneficial for Moshe to send out spies? (kli yakar) Moshe would live another forty years.
What's the hint in the words שלח לך אנשים? (baal haturim) The סופי טיבות of שלח לך אנשים is חכם. Send smart people.
Why shouldn't Moshe let them choose who to send? (sforno) They might choose simpletons who wouldn't recognize the good of E"Y and speak bad of it to Bn"y and Bn"y might think Hashem made a mistake.
Explain כל נשיא בהם. (sforno) Moshe should choose those that are most excellent in their shevet and recognize the matter and value of the land.
פסוק ג Explain 'על פי ה according to Rashi. The sending was with Hashem's permission. Hashem didn't prevent them.
What do we learn from the words כולם אנשים? They were all tzadikim when they were chosen.
Why wouldn’t it make sense that לך שלח would be a commandment of Hashem? (S"C) Why would Hashem command Bn"y to do something he doesn't want them to do?
פסוקים ד-טו According to the Ramban: In what order were the meraglim named in the pessukim? According to their personal virtues.
פסוק טז ויקרא משה... ליהושע According to רש"י what did Moshe R. do? Moshe davened that Hashem should save Yehoshua from the plot of the meraglim.
Where does he learn it from? We see that ויקרא can mean to daven like we saw with Avraham avinu.
Kli yakar: 2 reasons why moshe davened for Yehoshua? 1. Because Yehoshua was Moshe's student and the teacher is responsible for his student. 2. Yehoshua is from shevet Yosef who spoke lies. Moshe was worried he might go in Yosef's ways.
Or Hachayim: Why the letter yud? To give strength to Yehoshua's name. yud=10-stand up against 10 meraglim.
According to the Rebbe: If moshe felt that the spies were going to sin, why didn’t he cancel the mission? Just a feeling - no evidence
פסוק יז Why did they start spying in the south? (2) 1.This is the inferior of the land - like merchants who save the best for last. 2. That was the route Avraham Avinu took.
עלו... בנגב what is the S"C Q&A on these words? The south is down. How can you go "up" to the "south"? They came up from Egypt, which was more south so they go up to the south of E"Y.
פסוק יח וראתם את הארץ מה היא: Explain according to Rashi Does it produce mighty or weak people? Does it increase or decrease its population?
According S"C, what is bothering Rashi? Why did Moshe start with the land and not the people? (the people are the ikur)
How does the S"C answer this? He's talking about how the land affects the people.
What sign did Moshe give them to determine whether the people were strong or weak? If they are in walled cities,they're strong and if they live in cities without walls, they're strong.
פסוק יט What does המחנים mean? Cities without walls.
Why does Rashi explain this first (before הטובה)? Because this word is connected to the previous passuk.
How does Rashi explain הטובה? Does it have healthy springs and deep wells?
פסוק כ How does Rashi explain היש בה עץ? It's actually referring to righteous men. Are there any tzadikim who could save the cnaanim with their merits?
According to S"C - why can't it be referring to plain old trees? Obviously there is trees because they have to bring back fruits.
How does sforno explain השמנה? Is the land rich in assets?
Why should they strengthen themselves (Ramban)? They shouldn't be afraid to get the fruits and fear to be caught.
פסוק כא From where did they spy the land? They left from the southeast corner (midbar tzin) along the southern border until the sea. They headed north along the seashore until Chamat.
In what shape did they travel? Like an upside down gamma - basically an L shape
פסוק כב Who were Achiman, Sheshai and Talmai? The sons of the giant.
ויעלו בנגב ויבא what doesn't seem right? Why does it say ויבא in singular?
Who went to Chevron? What did he do there? Kalev went to Chevron and davened to the avos that he wouldn't be taken in to the meraglims plot.
How was he awarded? He was given Chevron.
וחברון שבע שנים נבנתה לפני צאן מצרים What doesn't make sense? (rashi) How could Chevron be seven years older than Tzoan when Mitzraim is older Cnaan?
What is the answer? It's not that Chevron is seven years older. It's that Chevron is seven times more beautiful.
פסוק כג Who didn't carry anything and why not? Yehoshua and Kalev because they knew that the meraglim were going to use the fruit for saying bad things about E"Y.
לפי שכל עצמו להוציא דבה נתכוונו - explain Their entire essence intended to speak negative. Even just simply bringing back fruit, was to be used to make E"Y look bad.
פסוק כד הוסיפו לו שם נחל - why? (kli yakar) Usually the fruit in the valley are not as good quality as the fruit in the rest of the land. Nachal means valley and it's saying 'see how good the fruit in the valley is? imagine how good it is in the rest of the land!'
Who named the place נחל אשכול? (or hachaim) Hashem, before the meraglim got there because he knew that's where the meraglim would get the fruit from.
פסוק כה According to Rashi, what's the distance they traveled in E"Y? 800
How long should it have taken for them to travel? 80 days - at least
Why did Hashem perform a miracle for them? Because he knew he would punish them a year in the midbar for every day the meraglim were in E"Y so the meraglim took only 40 days.
פסוק כו וילכו ויבאו what's bothering Rashi? (S"C) וילכו is extra. It can't be referring to leaving E"Y because it said they came back in the previous passuk.
What is Rashi's answer? It's to compare their going to their coming. They came back with bad intentions but you should know, they left with bad intentions in the first place.
Didn't Rashi teach us earlier that they were all אנשים - righteous men? How could they have left with bad intentions? When they were chosen, they were righteous but once they got together, they started having bad intentions.
ישיבו אתם דבר According to or hachaim, why doesn't it say "what" they said? It's not the way of the Torah to elaborate on the ways of reshaim unless it's absolutely necessary.
פסוק כז וגם זבת חלב ודבש הוי What's Rashi's Q&A? Why are the meraglim saying good things about E"Y? Isn't that the opposite of their intentions? Every lie needs a grain of truth to be believed.
כיון שכונתם לא היה אלא לרעה למה אמרו בראש דבריהם היפך כונתם - Explain Since their intentions wasn't for the bad, why did they say in the beginning of their report the opposite of their intentions?
פסוק כח אפס כי עז העם Explain However the nation is powerful
What are הערים בצורות? Fortified cities - cities with walls.
Didn't Moshe tell them that if the cities are fortified the people are weak? What is their argument against Moshe? Look, Moshe's been wrong all along! There are giants in these cities! They're not afraid of anything and they're definitely not weak.
פסוק כט עמלק יושב Amalek wasn't even part of the territory they had to conquer, so why are they mentioned? Bn"y has been attacked by Amalek before and they got scared at the mention of their name. The meraglim wanted to frighten Bn"y.
פסוק ל ויהס כלב Explain And Kalev silenced. הס like hushh.
How did he silence them? (Rashi) Kalev started speaking saying Ben Amram (a disrespectful name for Moshe) and Bn"y thought he was going to say more bad stuff about Moshe and they went quiet.
רוח אחרת עמו משמע שתי רוחות אחת בפה ואחת בלב: Explain We hear that there's another spirit with him - two spirits, one in his mouth and another in his heart. In the mouth he let the meraglim think he was in the plot but in his heart he planned to go against it.
What does Rashi say about the words עלה נעלה? Even if Moshe would tell us to build ladders and go up to the heavens, we would succeed in all he says.
פסוק לא Explain according to Rashi: כי חזק הוא ממנו It's referring to Hashem (as if it was even thinkable).
Explain the loshon of the S"C: דאיאפשר לומר ממנו מישראל דהוה משמע שגם ישראל חזק We cannot to say that ממנו is referring to Bn"y because that would mean that Bn"y was also strong.
The rebbe asks how can the meraglim present such a ridiculous argument? (2) 1. The nefilim giants are an equal match to Hashem's angels (they used to be angels). 2. They survived the mabul, when Hashem wanted to destroy all mankind.
וכאן לא יתכן זה שהרי המרגלים מדמים עצמן כחגבים Explain And here this isn't possible since the meraglim compared themselves to grasshoppers.
פסוק לב Explain according to Rashi: ארץ אכלת יושביה Everywhere the meraglim went, people were burying the dead so they wouldn't notice the meraglim and they were being ungrateful.
What is the simple translation of ארץ אכלת יושביה A land that devour its inhabitants.
How was that for their own good? Since the cnaanim were busy mourning their dead, they didn't pay attention to the meraglim.
Explain אנשי מדות They are men of measures - big and tall. So big you need to give a measure for it.
פסוק לג Who were the נפילים? Angels that fell from the heavens in the days of Enosh and became giants.
Translate ונהי בעינינו כחגבים We were in our eyes like grasshoppers.
What is Rashi's Q&A on the words וכן היינו בעיניהם? Q: How do the meraglim know what the giants thought of them? A: The meraglim heard them say that there were ants in the vineyard that look like people.
Where did we learn... כל דבר שקר שאין אומרים בו קצת אמת בתחלתו, אין מתקיים בסופו Every lie needs a little truth to be believable - we learnt this when the meraglim said that E"Y was a land flowing with milk and honey.
שמחזאי ועזאל Shamchazai and Ezoel were the nefilim giants that fell from shamayim.
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