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portfolio 2nd term

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bright it´s when you are intelligent
rude when you are not kind or respectful
hard - working when you work hard for get anything
selfish when you allways think about you and not about other person
jealous when you are not happy because you want what other have
shy when you are not comfortable when you talk to people
lonley when you don´t have a lot of friends
sociable you are confortable when you talk to peolpe
popular when you have a lot of frineds and you are very influence in the peolpe of the school
strict when you take all the thing in a very serius way and that you are not allowed to do waht you want
reslient when tou look allways with positive eyes
sacrifice you forgot your own preferences
politeness when you talk to a person like civilitated people
honest when you say the truth without lie
empathy when you try to help people in different situations
hope when you have faith
self - awarness to know one self
confidence when you are secure
humour emotional feeling
patience you don´t lose temper vey fast
forgiveness you admits you own fails and try to be pardoned
make up your mind to clear out your own ideas
can afford when you can pay someonething because you have enough money
activist person that have action in something
survivor someone that has survive of something
legalize the action of allow something trought the law
a fourthnigth 15 days
to be perfectly honest to be complettly honest
make A decision, a fuss, a mistake, someone good, our best up your mind, an effort, Fun of someone
do A mistake, someone a favor, someone good, the housework, your homework
have good/ nice time, a holiday, a bath, time to do something
take A bath, care of someone, part in something, a pity on someone,
annoyed when you are disturb or bother
furious when you are very angry
depress when you are sad
surprised wehn you don´t notice something and then you are shocked
upset when you are frustrated because of something
excited when you are very happy
scared when you are afraid
shocked it´s a human reaction in were you don´t react
nervous when you are very impacient
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