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adjust adjust to something After a while his eyes adjusted to the dark. adjust to doing something It took her a while to adjust to living alone. приспособявам се They'll be fine—they just need time to adjust.
adjustment 1. нагаждане, приспособяване, нагласяване, пригодяване 2.тех. регулиране, нагласяне, настройване, проверяване a small change made to something in order to correct or improve it I've made a few adjustments to the design. Some adjustment of the lens may be necessary. 2. a change in the way a person behaves or thinks She went through a period of emotional adjustment after her marriage broke up.
To get away from it all. from it all от всичко това
LIE laɪ LAY lei LAIN lies, lying, lay to lie on your back/side/front lie on the beach
OBTAIN получавам, сдобивам се, взимам to obtain advice/information/permission
LAUNCH lɔːntʃ launch something to start an activity, especially an organized 1 почвам, предприемам (акция), пускам в ход, to launch an appeal/an inquiry/an investigation/a campaign to launch an attack/invasion
APPEAL [ə'pi:l] II. 1. молба, искане призив, апел, възвание (for за)
to APPEAL for (witnesses, information) Police launched an appeal for any new information which may help in the search for a canoeist who went missing six months ago.
fail [feil] I. 1. не успявам, не сполучвам (to с inf да) ...and the alarm was raised when he failed to return.
His wife has also appealed for witnesses to come forward with information. She sad she was sure that her husband had died at sea, an that that she didn't think he would have disappeared intentionally.
intentionally ɪnˈtenʃənəli умишлено She would never intentionally hurt anyone. I kept my statement intentionally vague.
vague [veig] a неясен, смътен, неопределен, неясно формулиран/изразен/ VAGUE resemblance далечна/едва доловима прилика I haven't the VAGUEst notion of нямам ни най-малка представа за he was very VAGUE on this point той не каза нищо определено по този въпрос
resemblance [ri'zembləns] n прилика, сходство, подобие to bear RESEMBLANCE to приличам на
reappear [,ri:ə'piə] v появявам се/показвам се отново
to be arrested on suspicion of ( fraud, theft ) A missing canoeist who reappeared last weekend 5 yard after he had been declared drowned has be arrested on the suspicion of fraud.
to be charged with (fraud, obtaining false document) 4. обвинявам, държа отговорен (with в, за) CHARGEd with theft обвинен в кражба He has been charged with falsely obtaining insurance money by faking his own death.
to be declared (dead, drowned) He was declared dead after massive search operation had failed to find him.
to receive a (6 years sentence) to be sentenced to (6 years)
He was sentenced to 6 years for faking his own death in order to obtain insurance money. She received a six-and-a-half year sentence for her part in a fraud.
to fake (someone's signature,your own death) to launch an (operation,appeal,enquiry)
loathe loʊð to dislike somebody/something very much SYNONYM detest I loathe modern art. They loathe each other.
detest to hate somebody/something very much SYNONYM loathe They detested each other on sight.
detestation ˌdiːteˈsteɪʃn отвращение, омраза, ненавист
I saw stn about that on the news, but I didn't really pay much attention. What happened? Why would he do that? It was all an insurance fraud, apparently.
apparently [ə'pærəntli] adv както изглежда, очевидно apparent [ə'pærənt] 1. видим, забележим APPARENT to the naked eye видим с просто око 2. очевиден, явен, несъмнен
claim [kleim] I. 1. изисквам, предявявам искане, изявявам претенции/права и пр. (за) претендирам (to да с inf) II. 1. искане, иск, претенция, право, твърдение pay CLAIM искане за увеличение на заплатата
But how could he claim insurance if he was supposed to be dead? After he was declared dead, his wife claimed his pensions and life insurance.
custody ['kʌstədi] the state of being in prison, especially while waiting for trial After the riot, 32 people were taken into police custody. 2. задържане, арестуване to take into CUSTODY арестувам, задържам
daunt [dɔ:nt] daunt somebody to make somebody feel nervous and less confident about doing something SYNONYM intimidate She was a brave woman but she felt daunted by the task ahead. 1. всявам страх у, сплашвам, уплашвам 2. обезкуражавам, обезсърчавам, възпирам
daunting dɔːntɪŋ SYNONYM intimidating She has the daunting task of cooking for 20 people every day. Starting a new job can be a daunting prospect. плашещо, респектиращо
intimidating frightening in a way which makes a person feel less confident an intimidating manner intimidating for/to somebody This kind of questioning can be very intimidating to children.
intimidate [in'timideit] They were accused of intimidating people into voting for them. She refused to be intimidated by their threats. v сплашвам, уплашвам, заплашвам принуждавам/заставям чрез заплаха (into с ger)
intimidation ɪnˌtɪmɪˈdeɪʃn 1. заплашване, сплашване 2. уплашване, уплаха, смущение the intimidation of witnesses
wholesale prices_цени на едро happening or done to a very large number of people or things the wholesale slaughter of innocent people
bid bidding, bid, bid 1 to offer to pay a particular price for something, especially at an auction bid (something) (for something) I bid £2000 for the painting.
commit [ka'mit] 4. извършвам (грешка, престъпление и пр.) to COMMIT suicide самоубивам се to COMMIT a crime
IT DOESN'T SAY не се споменава
IT SAID там пишеше
YAWN [jɔ:n] I. 1. прозявам се 2. казвам нещо, прозявайки се II. 1. прозявка 2. sl. нещо скучно/досадно
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