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Bicameral - Committee that has two distinct groups for setting rules
House of Representatives - The lower house of the United States Congress
Constituents Something that has the power to frame or alter a political constitution.
Gerrymander - The Dividing of county's into election districts
Senate - The upper house of Legislature
Speaker of the House - The presiding officer of the US House of Representatives
President Pro Tempore - A senator chosen to preside over the Senate in the place of the vice president.
Party Whips - 1875-1880, Americanism.
Standing committee - A permanent committee in a legislature.
Select Committee - A committee formed to take a look at a specific issue.
Joint Committee - a committee made by both houses of a bicameral legislature.
Seniority System - the practice of giving privileges to members of Congress who have served the for the longest.
Expressed Powers - The powers of Congress listed in the constitution.
Implied Powers - Powers not listed in the constitution but are implied.
Elastic Clause - Granting Congress the power to pass all laws necessary to carry out the enumerated list of powers.
Impeach - Charge of treason or a crime against the state.
Bills of Attainder - An act of a legislature declaring a person or group of persons guilty of a crime and punishing them without a trial.
ex post facto laws - A law that changes the legal consequences of actions that were committed before the enactment of the law.
US Representative Qualifications - Qualifications needed to be a represenative.
Franking Privilege - The right of members to post mail to constituents without having to pay postage.
Pork Barrel Projects - Metaphor for the act of government spending for localized projects secured only to bring money to a representative's district.
US Senator Qualifications - Qualifications needed to be a Senator.
Filibuster - The action of a prolonged speech with the intention to kill a bill.
Cloture -A motion or process in parliamentary procedure aimed at bringing debate to a quick end.
Veto - Constitutional right to reject a decision made by a law-making body.
Pocket Veto - To Veto a bill by someone, without taking any action.
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