Congress Vocab.

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Vocab for congress

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Bicameral Having two branches or chambers
House of Represenatives The House of Representatives the lower house of the United States Congress. The House and the Senate work together on bills to give to the President to put into law.
Constituents A member of a constituency.
Gerrymander When one house manipulates the other to get an advantage.
Senate The smaller upper assembly of the United States Congress.
Speaker of the House The presiding officer of the United States House of Representatives.
President Pro Tempore A high-ranking senator of the majority party and fills in the vice president spot for president when needed.
Party Whips Member of Congress who is selected by their party to take on the role of team manager.
Standing Committee A permanent committee
Select Committee A small committee used for a specific purpose
Joint Committe Is made up of members of both chambers of a bicameral legislature
Seniority System They are given greater treatment in choosing committee assignments based on seniority
Expressed Powers Powers of Congress specifically listed in the Constitution
Implied Power "Elastic Clause" and are necessary to implement the expressed powers.
Elastic Clause Congress the power to pass all laws necessary
Impeach Is when you throw out or get rid of someone with misconduct
Bills of Attainder Is when a legislature finds someone guilty without trial
Ex Post Facto Law Is a law that changes the legal consequences of a crime that was comitted
US Representatives Qualifications 1) Be at least 25 2) Be a citizen of US for 7 years
Franking Privilage Lets the members to post mail to constituents without having to pay postage.
Pork Barrel Projects When the Representatives districts get money
US Senator Qualifications 1) Be a US citizen for 9 years 2) 30 years old 3) Must live in state that he/she is elected
Filibuster A speech that can last for only 100 hours non stop arguing against something
Cloture ending a debate in a vote
Veto A right that lets you reject a proposal made by a law a making branch in the government
Pocket Veto An indirect veto of a legislative bill by the president or a governor.
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