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What is a capacitor? A device which stores electrical charge
What is capacitance? The amount of charge the capacitor can hold
What is capacitance defined as? The amount of charges stored per volt
What is capacitance measured in? Farads
How does a capacitor charge? A p.d is supplied to the circuit Electrons flow to the capacitor and build up on the negative plate Electrons on the positive plate are repelled by the negative plate They go back to the cell The current decreases as the electrons have to overcome the repulsion from the plate and put in work When the p.d of the capacitor is the same as the cell then it is fully charged
What does a charging curve for a capacitor look like?
How can you investigate the charged stored on a capacitor? set up test circuit to measure p.d and current Adjust the variable resistor to keep charging current constant record p.d at regular intervals until fully charged-equals battery plot a graph from the results IxT graph (area underneath=Q) QxV graph (gradient=capacitance)
How do capacitors store energy? When charge builds up on the plates
How can you find the energy stored by a capacitor? From the area under a p.dxQ graph
What is the potential difference across the capacitor proportional to? The charge stored on it
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