Keys to Developing Network skills

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Take part in enterprise - wide committees

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Tip: Expand & Diversify your network Everyone you come in contact with is a potential resource to help you in your career
Tip: Add value as well while asking for assistance Consider how you can help the other person, and listen as much as talk
Tip: Join groups whose purpose and members fit your field of interest Groups of professionals in your field or leisure activities that can provide the platform to network
Tip: When attend a formal networking event event (such as a professional meeting) Work the room engage in professional conversation with as many people as feasible
Tip: Create good relationship with your peers and fellow students make connections with people that may occupy influential positions in the future
Tip: Strive to develop a personal relationships with a least two people at high levels in your place of work Keep people informed of what you are doing and ask for their advice when making decisions
Tip: Be memorable for positive reasons Making a lasting positive impression is a promising way of keeping a network alive
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