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:D بسم الله نبدأ xD ربنا يستر
685af6eb-99a0-4f4d-acc3-214974e0f303.jpg (image/jpg) where am I from the universe o.O?! TISSUE TYPE: see glands and stroma... UTERUS PATHOLOGY: hyperplastic glands with different sizes and shapes DIAGNOSIS: endometrial hyperplasia KEY: FIND THE SWISS CHEESE XD..
93a7d48d-d2a1-4dfd-b83a-1a0d9f5972ec.jpg (image/jpg) TISSUE TYPE: glands filled with colloid PATHOLOGY: glands increased in size , stretched with colloid (flat epith.) DIAGNOSIS: Nodular Goiter KEY: homogeneous big pinky patches everywhere everywhere ^^ (so unique)
b7f940c3-925f-4b93-88d7-332696cdf9d1.jpg (image/jpg) TISSUE TYPE: gland and stroma... specific glands of prostate PATHOLOGY: hyperplasia of gland and stroma DIAGNOSIS: benign prostatic hyperplasia KEY: U CAN SEE CORPORA AMYLECIA
9d231be7-c03c-4bb1-9444-764b7ae42c67.jpg (image/jpg) TISSUE TYPE: see glomeruli PATHOLOGY: see area with increased eosinophilia and preserved outlines .. NECROSIS DIAGNOSIS: kidney infarction KEY: EOSINOPHILIA.. NO CASEATION .. NO PUS.. COAGULATIVE NECROSIS
2806bc5f-e548-47c1-870b-baf30f01dd4d.jpg (image/jpg) o.O o.O !! eyh el hezar da .. xD keep caaalm .. TISSUE TYPE: respiratory epith. 4ayfo ya Doc. ?? :D .. NOSE PATHOLOGY: Oedematous C.T can find ulceration of epith. or squamous metaplasia DIAGNOSIS: allergic nasal polyp KEY: RESPIRATORY EPITH.
7bf3883a-22dd-45de-bccc-b28ba8b746e0.jpg (image/jpg) TISSUE TYPE: circular organ .. with lymph follicles .. u see the complete circle... APPENDIX PATHOLOGY: necrotizing tissue in the lumen ... hyperplastic lymph tissue DIAGNOSIS: acute suppurative appendicitis KEY: COMPLETE CIRCLE
a62be025-b4fc-4d5a-9afb-7264cadc1910.jpg (image/jpg) TISSUE TYPE: dots on white page :D... white page= alveolar spaces.. u can see carbon particles (anthracosis)..LUNG PATHOLOGY: inflamatory cells in alveolar spaces .. DIAGNOSIS: acute lobar pneumonia KEY: WHITE BACKGROUND ..
d2aa2d19-d870-4bb9-8e41-0ff1132ab5c6.jpg (image/jpg) TISSUE TYPE: O.o (loss of architecture) PATHOLOGY: thick fibrous speta with inflamatory cells .. separate nodules of undefined cells. (steatosis) Diagnosis: liver cirrhosis xD KEY: CAN'T SEE ANY SPECIAL THING ABOUT LIVER CAUSE ACTULLAY IT'S DEAD :D
76c35574-b91b-4046-bdd2-8e78e0b8f14e.jpg (image/jpg) TISSUE TYPE: colloid of..... THYROID PATHOLOGY: inflammatory cells, hyperplastic lymphoid follicles, cells lining acini called oncocytes ,Hurthle or askanazy cells DIAGNOSIS: Hashimoto's thyroditis KEY: ACINI + LYMPH FOLLICLES N.B: differentiate it from Goiter (no lymph follicles)
e5a69e72-df40-4241-90f0-f9a3cbe9f2d7.jpg (image/jpg) TISSUE TYPE: lymphocyets every where... where am I ??? xD PATHOLOGY: inflamatory granuloma with caseation in the center .. eosinophilic Langhan's cells (an orphan cell in the center) ^^ DIAGNOSIS: tuberculous lymphadenitis KEY: LYMPHOCYTES + CASEATION
2320df88-19fa-4b72-b1a8-f320723f9d09.jpg (image/jpg) TISSUE TYPE: alveolar spaces ... LUNG PATHOLOGY: abnormal tubercle between alveoli ... consist of epithelioid cells and langhan's gaint cells .. and caseation DIAGNOSIS: TB of lung N.B: differentiate it from pneumonia .. (solid pink masses between alveoli NOT dots IN alveoli..)
cf69d879-9554-4795-8517-8ee5c56477e7.jpg (image/jpg) TISSUE TYPE: lymphocytes every where ... lumph node PATHOLOGY: granuloma with NO caseation .. langhan's cells (with horse shoe arrangement of nuclei) are seen and epithelioid cells.. DIAGNOSIS: Sarcoidosis N.B: NO caseation in contrary to TB. special charecters : Schaumann and asteroid bodies (Don't even think about seeing them xD).. may be isolated in a question .
2accbcf0-ea5c-4996-8719-4048bed6d82d.jpg (image/jpg) TISSUE TYPE: by epith. which doesn't exist here xD ... respiratory .. or can be squamous due to metaplasia... NOSE PATHOLOGY: inflamatory cells of Mickulicz and Russel bodies in plasma cells (more eosinophilia) in lower part of section DIAGNOSIS: Rhinoscleroma KEY: RUSSEL BODIES
c93cdac9-0194-44a8-b464-a37c6cf2537b.png (image/png) TISSUE TYPE: u can see transitional epith. (not clear here) ... urinary bladder PATHOLOGY: black arrow: cystitis cystica red arrow: Brunn's nest of course u will see ova (not clear here) DIAGNOSIS: blihariziasis KEY: OVA N.B: differentaite between bladder and ureter Bilhariziasis .. just ureter will be complete circle ..(with same epith. changes) .. in intestine u can see ova or even the worm itself and no epith. changes .. squamous metaplasia can also be seen
f8475866-a9d7-476b-8389-e06be99a8a3c.jpg (image/jpg) TISSUE TYPE: unique architecture of live is preserved PATHOLOGY: brownish pigment is deposited in the sinuses DIAGNOSIS: obstructive jaundice KEY: BROWN..
c116fe95-43d6-4ad7-bdbc-f7ed70e3afc0.png (image/png) TISSUE TYPE: preserved liver PATHOLOGY: vacuoles of fatty subestance DIAGNOSIS: liver steatosis KEY: VACUOLATION
644ec216-9f83-4d63-9880-7771ddfee046.jpg (image/jpg) TISSUE TYPE: unique shape of atrium and ventricle .. heart PATHOLOGY: dystrophic calcification of valve DIAGNOSIS: choronic rheumatic vavulitis
4ed659b0-0015-491d-9124-a5035f3376ef.jpg (image/jpg) TISSUE TYPE: Gyri and subarachinoid space... brain PATHOLOGY: inflamatory cells in subarachinoid space DIAGNOSIS: acute suppurative meningitis
17d87a40-a245-48a9-94a5-311469824c29.jpg (image/jpg) TISSUE TYPE: periphrally we can see muscle fibrs .. HEART PATHOLOGY: centrally .. fibrosed area with some inflamatory cells DIAGNOSIS: myocardial infarction (healed by fibrosis) KEY: VIABLE PART OF MUSCLE AND FIBEROSED PART
744178e8-eda4-401b-b953-7b5d966ee6e4.jpg (image/jpg) TISSUE TYPE: glomeruli... kidney PATHOLOGY: depsition of foreign material in wall of capillaries .. DIAGNOSIS: Amyliodosis ( can be found in tubules ... afferent arterioles or in interlobular a.) N.B: Amyloidosis in kidney... sarcoidosis in lymph nodes..
50906a3c-a809-423b-b224-7673cca2e177.jpg (image/jpg) TISSUE TYPE: villi of intestine PATHOLOGY: protrusion of mucosa and submucosa upwards.. bilharizial ova in sub. DIAGNOSIS : bilharizial intestinal polyp KEY: TREE LIKE PROTRUSION..
e4853f82-a500-4ed3-8607-37975d887d4f.jpg (image/jpg) liver cirrhosis
7d6004fd-f1c5-44b6-9a1b-8dbe4ec63f25.jpg (image/jpg) Fatty liver
a9d07a73-d9fd-4b03-91bc-bb7526066eb9.jpg (image/jpg) Acute lobar pneumonia
3b0c3a60-75e3-46af-8294-231f02584104.jpg (image/jpg) Sarcoidosis
afd1839b-3c82-4266-aa86-569abfda0436.jpg (image/jpg) TB in lung
DONE ^_^ " ما رميت اذ رميت و لكن الله رمى" ^^