World History Ch. 10.2 Islam Expands

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Vocabulary from "World History: Patterns of Interaction"

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Caliph A supreme political and religious leader in Muslim government
Umayyads A dynasty that ruled the Muslim empire from A.D. 661 to 750 and later established a kingdom in al-Andalus
Shi'a The branch of Islam whose members acknowledge Ali and his descendents as the rightful successors of Muhammad
Sunni The branch of Islam whose members acknowledge the first four Caliphs as the rightful successors of Muhammad
Sufi A Muslim who seeks to achieve direct contact with God through mystical means
Abbasids A dynasty that ruled much of the Muslim empire from A.D. 750-1258
al-Andalus A Muslim ruled region in what is now Spain, established in eight century A.D.
Fatmid A member of a Muslim dynasty that traced its ancestry to Muhammad's daughter, Fatima and that built an empire in North Africa, Arabia, and Syria in the 10th-12th centuries
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