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What is an Operating System?? An Operating System (OS) is a low-level piece of system software that controls all of the computer's basic functions
What is the Operating system responsible for?? It is responsible for Memory Management, Peripheral Control, providing a User Interface (UI), maintaining system security and booting the computer
Why do we need an Operating System?? Without the OS, the complexity and ability of the computer would be severely limited. There was a time before they were needed, however back then the wires and switches were all changed and moved by humans.
What is a User Interface?? A User Interface is piece of software, provided by the OS, that allows the interaction between User and software, meaning the User can tell the computer what to do
What is Spooling?? Spool=Simultaneous Peripheral Operations On-Line Spooling is making a data packet wait in a temporary space in the memory until the destination peripheral device is ready to receive the packet e.g. a document to a printer
What is a Kernel?? The core of an Operating System which is responsible for Memory, Process, Task and Disk Management. It also connects hardware to application software. An example of Kernel usage is controlling data between keyboard and monitor. It is small in size but does a lot within the system
Where is the Kernel?? It is found in a protected part of the Main Memory to prevent it being over written.
What is Disk Threshing/Disk Thrashing?? Disk Threshing and Disk Thrashing are the same thing. This is when the OS passes data to the Secondary Storage instead of RAM
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