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ASCII The American Standard Code for Information Interchange is used to represent each character, number and symbol. It has space for 128 symbols, this is enough for standard English.
Bitmap Consists of a grid of squares called pixels. Each pixel can be uniquely identified by its position in the grid (x/y coordinates) and each pixel is a single colour.
Colour Depth This is number of bits used to store each pixel’s colour is in an image. The greater it is, the more colours can be represented.
Analogue Data An analogue signal is one which has a value that varies smoothly.
Sampling Rate The number of samples taken per second and is measured in hertz (Hz).
Bit Depth This refers to the number of bits in each sample, combined with the sample rate it determines the quality of the sound.
Sample Taken at evenly spaced time intervals and represented as numerical values when digitising sound.
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