Cool Temperate Oceanic Climate (Ireland)

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An example of where cool temperate oceanic climates occur Most of north-west Europe including Ireland and the UK
What 4 factors influence the climate of Ireland? Latitude, the sea, south-westerly winds and frontal activity
Ireland's average temperature in Winter? 7°C
Ireland's average temperature in summer? c. 17°C
Features of a Cool Temperate Oceanic Climate? Warm summers, mild winters, rainfall throughout the year (c.1500mm anually)
Latitudes Ireland lies between? 51.5° - 55.5° North
Latitude affects the angle and amount of _____ Ireland gets Sunshine
Why is the North Atlantic Drift important to Ireland's climate It stops the water from freezing
The temperatures in the middle of the Ireland are usually more ____ than coastal areas Summer and Winter temperatures are more extreme inland
Ireland's prevailing wind is in a ______ direction South-westerly
Why is it rainier in the West of Ireland? The wind picks up moisture from the Atlantic ocean and as it is forced over the mountainous west coast, relief rainfall occurs
Ireland is situated in an area of _____ Low atmospheric pressure
Ireland's weather changes from day to day because of? Frontal depressions because of low atmospheric pressure
_____ Rainfall occurs because of these depressions Frontal
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