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entertainment dance, music etc. that is performed for the people at an event
do a course study at a college or university
pros and cons good things and bad things
earn get money for your work
local media newspapers and radio of a town or an area
work long hours work for many hours every day
artifical not naturaly; man-made
harmful has bad effects; doesn't do you any good
healthy has good effects on your body
nutritious full of the natural things your body needs
fresh new; not frozen or in a tin
tasty tates very, very good
revolting tastes very, very bad
filling makes you fell full, feel that you have eaten a lot of food
fattening makes you become heavier
doctor Doktor
cook Koch
website designer Websitedesigner (gestalter)
flight attendant Flugbegleiter/in (Stewadess)
tour guide Touristen Führer
shop assistant Shop Assistent
factory worker Fabrikarbeiter/in
dentist Zahnarzt
secretary Sekräterin
nurse Krankenschwester
soldier Soldat
accountant Buchhalter
bank clerk Bankangestellter
farmer Landwirt, Bauer
travel agent Reiseberater
waiter Kellner
waitress Kellnerin
teacher Lehrer/in
receptionist Rezeptionist, Empfangsdame
mechanic Mechaniker
electrician Elektriker
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must, had to, mustn't oder don't need to
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