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Governor in council? (5 points) - Also known as the Cabinet -They implement regulations based in legislation -Executive -Day to Day (public service) Government operations, public policy -Members of Cabinet are also members of the Legislative Branch.
Policy instrument? (5) -Two types: Regulatory and Economic Instruments. Eg. Regulations and laws, and taxes and subsidies -One of (4) components that policies are articulated in for policy statements. -provides reference points for later evaluation and feedback -instruments for government action -defined as means by which policy objectives are pursued. -set relationships between the state and citizens
Treasury Board? -responsible for federal civil service and operation of the Canadian government. -Headed by President of Treasury Board and assisted by Treasury Board Secretariat. -Department of Finance (DF) funds Treasury Board -Treasury Board employs federal workers (civil service), DF has expenditures such as payments to provinces and territories.
Mixed-Member Proportional system? -2 systems, part A is every province has equal weight regardless of population, thus every province has equal representatives. -Part B is proportional rep. thus regardless of provinces, rep. is national -2 things together, regional rep and national rep.
Advocacy group? -organization of individuals or of groups with a common interest formed to influence public policy. - democratic participation outside of elections -influences public opinion and or policy on the government -pressure among ministers (policy makers) and public servants.
Consensus government? -Autonomous jurisdictions within a unitary structure, as opposed to federal. -Its legislation does not have the same rights as provinces. -Aboriginal governance is an example of consensus government in Canada
Statute of Westminster - British Crown declares not to intervene in Canada's decisions. - The Governor General was no longer able to veto any decision by the Parliament of Canada or not able to disagree with the advice of the Prime Minister - Full Independence
federal spending power? -power of parliament to make payments to people or institutions or governments for purposes on which it does not have power to legislate. -equalization - provincial payments -no direct power on provincial responsibilities BUT an intervention with conditional funding
Fiscal year? -Annual budget -provinces publish their budget after the federal gov't because they get a significant amount of their income from the equalization payments by the fed govt. -Another significance: Letting the taxpayer know what their money is spent on
First Nations? -Class distinction with different rights, based on race and ethnicity. -Governance structure is only inclusive to certain people, creating a split between Canadian citizens. - Same stuff in consensus govt
Separation of powers? - There is fusion of powers in Westminster system, SOP is the complete separation of executive, legislative and judicial branch. - In CA, Cabinet (executive) are from the members of the HoC and court appointments are by them also. - SOP ensures that one elected government will not be too powerful and act arbitrarily, therefore it is a way of government branches, checking themselves. - Also, SOP ensures that head of state is not the head of government (legislation). In Canada, the Prime Minister is not the head of state; however, since Stat of WestM. he/she almost acts like it.
Charter of Rights and Freedoms ? - entrenched in constitution act 1982 - ensures the rights and freedoms of all citizens to a reasonable limit. - guide to make laws, set of limits, doesn't allow infringement on citizens rights.
Executive Federalism? -There is Lack of transparency and accountability in executive federalism. -intergovernmental relations provide the dynamic of Canadian Public Administration. -When federal government would sign a treaty, it checks with province - amending formula (7/10 prov and 50% of pop.)
Clerk of the Privy council? Secretary to the Cabinet, head of public service, and Deputy Minister to PM. Therefore, he/she person who establishes a relationship between the three. It is significant cause the PM does not directly lead the public service.
First Ministers Conference? -A meeting of the provincial and territorial premiers and the Prime Minister. These events are held at the call of the prime minister. Significance is the first ministers of the federation formally meet and discuss relationships and issues between themselves such as transfer payments.
Liberalism? ideology of freedom ideas of liberty and equality.
Reforms and problems? Senate Sovereignty (federalism) Citizens (Low participation and low responsiveness from government towards citizens. lack of civics education) elections (electorate system) SMP is concentrated towards a majority, therefore a party can have majority in House of Commons without having the majority of votes. So, it is over representation. And, minor parties have less seats than they proportionally would have. Eg. Green Party. + Regional representation, see some are more equal than others.
Collective responsibility? constitutional convention in governance using the westminster system that members of the cabinet must publicly support decisions made in cabinet. - unity of government (oneness)
Divided Crown? -Divided into 11 - 10 provinces + fed govt (lt governors + gg) -crown above all jurisdictions. -jurisdictions get power from crown -they link to crown -crown divided is divided to jurisdictions in the state: courts, HoC, provincial legislatures, Senate etc... And the crown is where they meet in unity, the Crown connects them.
MUSH sectors? -municipalities, universities, school boards and hospitals -sectors under provincial responsibilities -Separation between provincial authority and federal authority.
Residual powers? Power given to federal government by constitution. power is reserved and divided into different levels of jurisdictions. residual powers would assure, in the future, the continued strengths of the dominion government
Judicial review supreme court of Canada and lower courts have power to strike down both federal and provincial primary legislation (laws and decisions- bills) which exceeds legislative authority given by constitution. ex. provinces cannot create criminal laws, if they try to, provincial supreme court can strike it down.
Dignified and efficient elements of the Constitution? the dignified is the part which is symbolic (neutral arbiter, not into politics) and the efficient part is the way things get done and how it works (functional). significance is that the sovereign is dignified and government is efficient which is the uniqueness of Westminster system.
Inherent right of self-government? The first nations having self governance rights to their own lands and practicing their own culture and customs through their own governments and assemblies. Significance is that they are "inherent" as "first nations" to the land and it is officially recognized, and self-governance right is given. [Also mention stuff from previous flash cards about aboriginals, such as distinction based on race etc. And difference between federalism]
United Province of Canada? Pre-confederate Canada (union of lower and upper CA) as a part of the British Empire. It is significant because it is a historic and cultural fact about the British influence on Canada. + An experimental cooperation between French CA and EN CA
Policy sector? Each policy sector is given under a minister, a division between responsibilities within the members of the Cabinet. ex. education policy, health policy, economy policy
Chief Electoral Officer? responsible for the administration of elections, referendums, and other electoral acts. serves until age 65. Not allowed to vote in federal elections. Significance is that elections are administered independently
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