An introduction to examples of Equality and Diversity in Art


These flash cards are intended to introduce some themes of equality and diversity in Art although much more could be included. This is just a starting point.
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Vincent Van Gogh allegedly cut off the lower part of his ear in an argument with Gauguin. Research why he might have done this? Was mental health an issue?
Francis Williams was a writer when painted in 1745. He was educated as an experiment. Why would this have been controversial?
Frieda Kahlo was in an accident aged 18 and then started to paint. Here she is painting 'broken column' 1944. Find out how Kahlo represents her disability and personal problems by looking at more of her works.
Use the symbols to interpret the Aboriginal painting on the flip side.
This painting is of the Gorbals in Glasgow painting around 1930-31 by Edward Burra. What can you find out about the area and people from this picture? Next compare it with the next flash card.
Edward Burra painted 'Harlem' in 1934. How is this similar or different from his painting of the Gorbals in Glasgow?
The face at the top right of Picasso's demoiselles d'Avignon is based on an African mask. Why did he do this? Example of an African Mask from the Congo circa 19th to early 20th Century
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