Theories of Space and Place

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"The Production of Space" Written by Henri Lefebvre "Social space is a social product" 1974
Perceived Space Relatively objective, concrete space people encounter in their daily environment
Conceived space Mental constructions of space, creative ideas about and representations of space
Lived Space A complex combination of perceived and conceived space. It represents a person's actual experience of a space in everyday life and constituent element of social life
Lefebvre's alternative scalar relationships for defining political membership Global > National > Regional > Urban
Space Regarded as a dimension within which matter is located or a grid within which substantive items are contained
Place 1. a portion of space in which people dwell together 2. locality 3. rank 4. temporal ordering 5. position in a social order
Genius Loci The spirit of the place
"The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere" Written by Jurgen Habermas Says the public sphere is made of private people gathered together as a public and articulating the needs of society with the state
Public Life Needs a location
Agora Market, central gathering space in ancient Greek cities
Wroclaw Town Hall Poland, 13th Century Emergence of a public city hall
Magdeburg Right Allowed towns to govern themselves by removing the feudal lord from decision making and judicature Elected town head and council instead
Cathedral of Cologne Started construction in 1248 Finished in 1880
Third Space Cafe- place to gather and drink coffee and tea
Baron Haussmann's plan of Paris Renovation Plan served to reduce the density of population and provide healthier living conditions
"Key Thinkers on Space and Place" Written by Phil Hubbard and Rob Kitchin 2010
Gottfried Semper Spatial enclosure as the fundamental property of architecture
Adolf Loos Architect's general task is to provide a warm and livable space The effects are produced by both the material and the form of the space
Villa Muller Adolf Loos Prague, Czech Republic 1930 Conceived in spaces, not plans Only continuous floors and space
Amsterdam Commodities Exchange Hendrik Hetrus Berlage 1896 Art of spatial enclosure
"City Planning According to Artistic Principles" Written by Camillo Sitte Urban design as "an art of space" Based on the principles of creating enclosed spaces
"The Critique of Pure Reason" Written by Immanuel Kant 1781 Space exists in the mind as a pure intention
Space as... 1. as enclosure 2. as continuum 3. as an extension of the body
"The Social Logic of Space" and "Space is the Machine" Written by Bill Hillier Presents a general theory of how people relate to space in built enviroments
"Non-Places: Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity" Written by Marc Auge 1995 Frequentation of non-places provides an experience of solitary individuality combined with non-human mediation between the individual and the public authority
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