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Brief notes on Physics 2

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P4: Explaining motion
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Question Answer
Forces Resultant force = 0 forces are balanced object either stationary or travelling at constant speed
Friction Tries to slow moving objects down created when two objects/surfaces move past each other When moves through air - air resistance
Friction between tyre and road is affected by: - inflation pressure of tyre - the road surface - surface condition caused by weather e.g. rain
Acceleration Force = mass x acceleration Acceleration is measured in ms power of -2
Thinking Distance time to react affected by drinking and drugs
Braking Distance time to halt from being applied affected by weather and brake/tyre condition
Thinking distance + Braking distance Stopping distance
Terminal Velocity Fall at steady speed
Describe Terminal Velocity when object falls gravity has more force than frictional forces which causes object to accelerate as speed increases so does drag, which reduces acceleration Weight can't get any bigger so you reach terminal velocity
Mass measure of the amount of "matter" a body has
Weight measure of mass within a gravity
Gravitational Potential Energy when an object is lifted vertically, work is done against the force of gravity
Work force x distance moved joules = N x m
Kinetic energy Anything that moves Moving car has lots of KE so to slow it down energy is lost i.e. kinetic energy KE = 1/2 mass x speed
Factors affecting amount of KE moving object has: Velocity and Mass
Momentum Greater the mass of an object and faster it's moving, harder it is to stop object momentum = mass x velocity
Produce a bigger change in momentum by using a bigger force and applying it for a longer time
Velocity speed in particular dierction
Power Rate of doing work Power = work done divided by time taken Energy = power x time
Mains Electricity a0068af6-eb70-4607-a751-ee7a27d564d1.jpg (image/jpg)
Fuse device used to protect devices from a current that is too high
Static Electricity due to the transfer of electricity from one surface to another
Current rate of flow of charge current = charge / time
Voltage work done / Charge
Resistance voltage / current