Natural Law

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What are the four laws? Eternal Law Divine Law Natural Law Human Law
What are the Five Primary Precepts? Worship God Live peacefully in society Educate the young Reproduce Protect life
What is a well know secondary precept? The Doctrine of the Double Effect
"Natural Law is the sharing in the eternal law by intelligent beings" Who said this? Thomas Aquinas
Aquinas built his version of Natural Law on which classic philosopher? Aristotle
What are Thomas Aquinas' Dates? 1225-1274
What did Aristotle believe to be the Teleos of man? (as apposed to Aquinas) He believed our end goal was Eudiamonia - which is happiness and content.
How did Aristotle believe we reached Eudiamonia? He said that we all have an innate purpose (four causes) and supreme goodness (i.e. eudiamonia) is found when you fulfil it
What did Aquinas believe was the ultimate fulfilment of humanity, and why? God because we were made in Gods image and so perfection is reaching this image
What must we use reason to understand? We must use reason to understand the natural laws created by a supernatural power (God)
What is Synderesis? "Do good and avoid evil"
What is the difference between an Apparent Good and a Real Good? An apparent good is an action that we believe to be right, but is not A real good is an action that uses reason to find the right thing to do
What is the first cardinal value? Prudence: allows us to judge correctly what is right and what is wrong in any given situation
What is the second cardinal value? Justice: concerned with the will, justice is blind
What is the third cardinal value? Fortitude: Courage to carry out Prudence and Justice, a gift of the Holy Spirit
What is the fourth cardinal value? 4) Temperance: temperance is the restraint of our desires or passions
What are the cardinal values necessary for? They are necessary to have if you want to live a moral life
What did Aquinas mean by saying we all had 'Rational Appetites'? He meant we all have an inclination to be good
Is natural law deontological or teleological? It is deontological because the primary precepts are absolute and cannot be changed
"Our ultimate end is unrelated good, namely God, who alone can fill our will to the brim because of infinite goodness" Aquinas
What are three weaknesses of Natural Law? Too Simplistic Too Optimistic (believes people always want to be good) Cultural Relativism - morals are different around the world
What are three strengths of Natural law? Made flexible by Secondary precepts Clear Cut + Common Rules Focuses on human character- not right or wrong
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