Dr Faustus Quotes to remember

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Quotes and critics for Dr Faustus

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Wagner (Critic) "Marlowe's Faustus is anything but a hero"
Payne (Critic) "All the serious scenes of Faustus eminently excite both pity and terror"
Tayne (Critic) "Faustus is wholly engrossed in the present"
Maxwell (Critic) "Faustus is everyman"
Desire for knowledge Morality Play "his waxen winds did mount above his reach" Pro
Desire Knowledge Sin "Oh this feeds my soul" Act 2
Damnation Morality "Hopeless Soul" Act 5
Gothic Damnation Sin Turning away from God "Offer the lukewarm blood of new born babes" Act 2
Damnation Desire for knowledge Desire to Sin "Had I as many souls as stars,/ I'd give them all for Mephistopheles"
Gothic Redemption Faith "My blood congeals, and I can write no more" Act 2
Redemption Morality Play "leave these frivolous demands" Act 2
Redemption Faith Miracle play "lay that damned book down"
Faith Religion Morality "his faith his great; I cannot touch his soul"
Religion Redemption Knowledge "Christ did call the thief upon the cross" Act 4
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