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What is Alpha ? Positive charged helium nuclei. It does not go through air & paper.
Where is alpha used and how? Smoke detectors, the alpha radiation is placed close to two electrons, as the source causes ionisation a current flows between the electrodes. If there is a fire the smoke absorbs the radiation and the current stops.
What is beta? Negative charged electrons. It does not go through aluminium (Al).
Where is beta used and how? paper thickness gauges. The thicker the material, the more radiation is absorbed and the less radiation reaches the detector. It then sends signals to the equipment that adjusts the thickness of the material.
What is gamma radiation? Uncharged electromagnetic waves. It does not go through lead (Pb).
Where and how is gamma radiation used? Radio theraphy, sterilising medical equipment etc
How is radiation measured? geiger (muller) tube, counts the numbers of rays given out per second
Tracers? Gamma or Beta radiation (passes out the body quickly) the radiation is inserted and followed with an external detector e.g heart blockage
What happened to radioactivity over time? It decreases at the nuclei decays into other products e.g soil
What is radiation? radiation is emitted by unstable nuclei of isotopes that become more stable by doing this.
What is background radiation? Naturally occurring in the environment. -cosmic rays -rocks/soil -air (radon gas)
How do alpha particles ionise? they take electrons from air particles
What is half live? Amount of time it takes for the nucleus to half.
Does radioactivity ever reach zero? No
how do beta particles ionise add electrons to air molecules.
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