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Waves Transfers energy and information without transferring matter
Displacement The position of a particular point on a wave, at a particular instant in time, measured form the mean (equilibrium) position (Symbol x, Units m)
Amplitude Magnitude of the maximum displacement reached by an oscillation in the wave (Symbol A, Units m)
Frequency The number of complete wave cycles per second OR the number of waves passing a point in one second (Symbol f, Units Hz)
Wavelength Distance between a point on the wave and the same point on the next wave cycle (Symbol λ, Units m)
Period Time taken for one complete oscillation at one point on the wave ALSO the time taken for the wave to travel one complete wavelength (Symbol T, Units m)
Phase the part of the wave cycle that a given point is at. Measured in angle units as a cycle is seen as a full circle (360°, 2π rad) (Units rad)
Wave Speed Rate of movement of the wave (Symbol v/c for EM, Units ms-1)
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