Water Budget and Storm Hydrograph Key terms

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Potential Evapo- transpiration Amount of evapotranspiration that would take place if there was enough water in the soil
Actual Evapotranspiration Amount of evapotranspiration that actually takes place due to the limitations of lack of rainfall and reduced soil water content.
Water deficiency Lack of moisture in the soil
water surplus Soil moisture content at its maximum
Soil moisture recharge When moisture levels in the soil are increasing
Soil Moisture use When moisture in the soil is being depleted
Hydrograph A graph to show the variations in a rivers discharge ( amount of water ) over a short period of time, usually during a rainstorm
Flood When the capacity of a river to transport water is exceeded in the river channel and water flows over the river banks
River discharge The volume of water flowing through a river channel
Rising limb The period of rising river discharge ( water levels rising) following a period of rainfall
Peak rainfall The hour of greatest rainfall during a storm
Peak discharge The point ( time ) of maximum river discharge caused by the storm
Falling Limb The period of time when the rivers discharge is falling ( Amount of water is decreasing) after it has reached its peak discharge
Base Flow The average level of flow ( discharge ) of the river caused y water flowing into the river from tributaries and groundwater.
Lag time The time between peak rainfall and peak discharge
Storm flow The discharge of the river above base slow cause by a storm event
Flashy Hydrograph A storm hydro-graph that has a steep rising limb and means the river flooded quickly
Gentle Hydrograph A storm hydro graph that has a shallow rising limb and means the river flooded slowly
Bankfull discharge The maximum discharge that a particular river channel is capable of carrying without flooding.
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