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Conventions of Digipak's
Convention 1: Track List As stated previously, sometimes a Digipak includes information of the artist, for example, upcoming tour dates, facts about band members and any other facts about the music. Typically it will only be new and less known artists that provide this information in a Digipak, however this is not always the case as any artist can include this.
Convention 2 & 3: Title and Artists Name This is usually found on the front cover of a Digipak as it is the key selling point of the artists’ album. People will look out for the name of the album to purchase it if they have seen it advertised, or to buy a present for someone or if their favourite artist has released a new album. Similarly to a book, the title and artists name on the Digipak differentiates it from other releases by the same person and invites people to listen to their music if they are well-known.
Convention 4: Barcode This can be found either on the front or back cover of a Digipak. The barcode is mostly used by the cashier to process the transaction of the album, however, a separate barcode called a QR code can be placed on a Digipak too. A QR code allows an artist to connect with their fans because by downloading a barcode scanner app on a smartphone, they can scan the code and be taken to a website, app or any other link chosen by the artist.
Convention 5 & 6: Production and Distribution Company Logo's The company who produced and the company who distributed the album’s logo will be displayed somewhere on the Digipak. This shows the audience which companies worked on this album and can sometimes be a selling point for the album if it is a large distributor as this will be targeted at a mass audience.
Convention 7: Images Across a Digipak there will be images either of the artist/band members or images which relate to the artists' brand identity. As a general rule, artists who are well established such as One Direction, Justin Bieber and Beyonce will have mostly images of themselves across the Digipak. On the other hand, new and less known artists such as Palace and Neon Waltz will include mostly information rather than images across their Digipak.
Convention 8: Artist Information As stated previously, sometimes a Digipak will include information of the artist. For example, upcoming tour dates, facts about band members and any other facts about their music. Typically it is only new and less known artists that will include this information on their Digipak, however, this is not always the case as any artist can include this.
Convention 9: Lyrics Sometimes on a Digipak there will be a paper insert which has song lyrics from tracks of the album. Generally these are written in a small font in order to include all of the songs on the small fold of paper, but they are not included on all Digipak's
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