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Catholic Christian Up Bringing •Baptised •Teach children to believe in God •Teach children to pray •Take children to Mass •Catholic school
Catholic Christian upbringing may lead to BIG because... •Children believe parents •Parents wouldn't waste time praying for nothing •They see people worship God when they go to mass
Catholic upbringing is good because... •Helps keep family together -Parents and children join together for Catholic activities •Gives children good morals (understanding of what is right and wrong) •Gives children sense of belonging to a community
Catholic upbringing is bad because... •Children have no choice •Takes away child's human right to freedom of religion •May work against community cohesion by making the children think that other religions are wrong
Religious experience •Numinous - the feeling of the presence of something greater than you •Conversion - when your life is changed by giving yourself to God •Miracle - something which seems to break a law of science and makes you think that only God could have done it •Prayer - an attempt to contact God, usually through words
Religious experience proves God exists because... •If you are aware of the presence of something greater than you, then God must be there •Something that breaks all the laws of science = must be the most powerful = must be God •Answered prayers
Religious experience do not prove that God exists because... •Numinous experience is caused by your surroundings - nothing to do with God •All miracles can be explained - E.G. Jesus may not have died when He was taken down from the cross so he never resurrected •More unanswered prayers than answered ones
The argument from design ☞Anything that has been designed needs a creator ☞Evidence that the world has been designed (gravity + DNA) ☞The only possible designer for the world would be God
The design argument proves God exists because... ✔︎There is evidence that the world has been designed (DNA + evolution) ✔︎Only God could design something as wonderful as the universe
The design argument does not prove that God exists because... ✖︎No designer would have created destructive things like volcanoes and earthquakes ✖︎Science can explain the appearance of design without needing God ✖︎Even if a designer did exist, it doesn't prove that the God of a particular religion does
The causation argument proves that God exists because... ✻It explains why we are here ✻We cannot believe that something can come from nothing ∴ everything must come from God ✻Science tells us that every effect must have a cause ∴ the universe (an effect) must have a cause (God) ✻We believe that everything must have a beginning/start - God started off the universe
The causation argument doesn't prove that God exists because...
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