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A case study of the japanese tsunami of 2011

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Where? When? Magnitude? Height of wave? What plates? - Off the east coast of Japan - March 11th 2011 - Magnitude 9 earthquake - 10m+ high wave - Eurasian and Pacific plates
Primary effects? - 15,400 deaths - 2,000,000 homeless - Earthquake ruptured underground cables - Telephone systems were knocked out - Dam north of Fukushima burst its banks
Secondary effects? - Damage to gas pipes caused fires - Water-born diseases spread - Fukushima power plant went into a meltdown and the third reactor chamber leaked - £185 million in rebuilding costs - £90 billion lost in shares
Primary responses? - Tsunami warning issued 3 minutes after the earthquake - 230 emergency rescue teams deployed - Shelters set up in schools and public buildings - 500,000 forced to live in shelters
Secondary responses? - Effectiveness of floodgates and coastal defences were questioned - Reviewing methods on predicting and responding to earthquakes and tsunamis - Damaged areas have electricity, gas and water bills put on hold
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