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The process by which plants convert solar energy to chemical energy.

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Products of Photosynthesis Glucose Oxygen
Role of Photosynthesis 1. Plants use it to make food 2. Animals get their food from plants 3. Oxygen is produced
Organelle in which photosyntheis takes place Chloroplast
Pigment in which sunlight is trapped Chlorophyll
Products of the Splitting of Water 4 Protons 4 electrons Oxygen, O2
Sunlight energy trapped by chlorophyll is passed on to electrons in chlorophyll to form...? High-Energy Electrons
Two Sources of Light in Photosynthesis Sunlight Artificial Light
Two Sources of Carbon Dioxide Atmosphere Respiration
Source of Water in Photosynthesis From the soil
The organelle in which the light stage takes place Chloroplast
Another name for the electron flow - pathway 1 Cyclic Photophosphorylation
Electron flow in Cyclic Photophosphorylation Chlorophyll --> Electron Acceptor --> Chlorophyll
Electron flow in Non Cyclic Photophosphorylation Chlorophyll --> Electron Acceptor --> NADPH
ADP + energy + P --> ATP + water
NADP+ + energy + P --> NADP-
NADP- + proton --> NADPH
NADPH --> NADP+ + 2 electrons + H+
End products of Light Stage ATP NADPH Oxygen
End product of Dark Stage Glucose
Molecular Formula of Glucose C6H12O6
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