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Promener le chien (des voisins) Walk the (neighbors) dog
Rester a la maison stay at home
renter avant 22 heures come home before 10pm
sortir avec mes parents go out with my parents
on doit aller voir ma grand-mere we have to go and see my grandmother
mes parents doivent sortir my parents have to go out
qu'est-ce que tu as fait? what did you do?
j'ai/on a... i/we...
achete des CD's bought some CD's
ecoute listened
sortir go out
promener walk
rester stay
what does rester not mean? rest
doivent have to
fait les magasins went shopping
fini le livre finished the book
mange un pizza ate a pizza
lu des BD read some books
regarde un film en DVD watched a film on DVD
regarde watched
vu saw
Je suis/On est... I/We
alle went to
rentre came/went back
reste a la maison stayed at home
Il y avait there was/were
il n'y avaint pas there wasn't/weren't
assez quite
tout a fait completely
tres very
trop too
un peu a bit
affreux terrible
amusant amusing/fun
agreable nice/pleasent
barbant boring/dull
bien good
bien joue well played/acted
drole funny
emouvant moving
ennuyeux boring
extra great/fantastic
formidable/genial great
interessant interesting
lent slow
long long
marrant funny
nul/pas mal rubbish/not bad
passionnant exciting
(peu) original (un)original
plein d'action full of action
sympa nice
c'est l'historie de... its the story of....
l'histoire se deroule the story takes place...
le film est plein d'action the film is action packed
a mon avis, la meilleure partie du film/livre, c'est in my opinion, the best part of the film/book is...
livre book
l'acteur/l'actrice the actor/actress
l'ambiance the atmosphere
le but goal
le/la champion champion
le championnat championship
le concours contest/competition
la Coupe de Monde the world cup
la coureur/euse cyclist (in a race)
la course race
l'equipe team
l'essai try
la joueur/euse player
la supporter (de) the supporter (of)
de of
le vainqueur winner
contre against
a la mi-temps at half-time
il/elle a termine en (deuxieme) place he/she finished in (second) place
il he
elle she
il/elle a marque (un but) he/she scored (a goal)
on a gagne/perdu we won/lost
gagne won
perdu lost
faire des achats to shop (online)
surfer (sur internet) to surf (the net)
tchater to chat (online)
telecharger to download
l'e-mail email
les micro-ondes microwaves/radiation
le portable mobile (phone)
le SMS text message
le telechargement illegal illegal downloading
sur le net online
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