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These flashcards will help you learn French pronouns.

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French Pronoun Flashcards Learning French Pronouns
Two types of speech in the french language Formal & Informal Learning French Pronouns
Formal "polite" Spoken with strangers and people who are not part of your immediate family Learning French Pronouns
Informal "casual" Spoken with immediate family members as well as people in which you have a close relationship Learning French Pronouns
Flip card to see the English meaning Ready? Learning French Pronouns
Je Means "I"
Tu (Formal and Informal) Means "You"
Il Means "He, It"
Elle Means "She, It"
Nous Means "We"
Vous (Formal) Means "You"
Ils (Masculine) Means "They, It"
Elles (Feminine) Means "They, It"
That's It! Practice Makes Perfect Learning French Pronouns
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