Physics - Basic

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Question Answer
Compression Squeezing
Tension Stretching
Bending Compression & Tension
Shearing Sliding
Torsion Twisting
Mass Kg
Length m
Time s
Electric Current A
Speed (2) Dist/time ms-1
Acceleration (2) Change in speed/time ms-2
Force (2) Mass x Acceleration N / kgms-2
Work (2) Force x Distance Nm
Power (2) Energy/Time W
Speed of Light 3E8 ms-1
Lander (2) v/f m
Frequency (2) V/ Lander Hz
Voltage (2) f x Lander ms-1
General Level (Bits) 2^n
mm 1E-3
km 1E3
nm 1E-9
Gm 1E6
Mm 1E9